Doing a Shoot with $0.00

Guest Author: Joey Hubbard

As a marketing professional, I always look at most creative shoots through the lens of, “where will this go, and what is it trying to accomplish?”. Sometimes though, we can get so zeroed in on these questions that we are not able to maximize our creative output and also lose some of our drive.

Thus, putting a shoot together just for one’s self to be creative can be amazing! The ideation shoot for this barbershop shoot went as follows:

    1. Something I love: guitar!
    2.  Who do I know: a killer barbershop, a fantastic amp builder, an innovative distillery, the collaborative team at Panasonic, and a supportive camera store.
    3. What will I shoot: a haircut happening while a guitarist plays to set the mood.

With the support of Dapper Street BarbershopSwamp Donkey AmpsBridgeland DistilleryThe Camera Store, and Panasonic, along with our amazing guitarist Andre and photographer Marcus, we were able to this shoot with $0.00 (the trade-off these partners gaining content from the shoot). Often as creatives, we must equate our process to making income, but if you have a chance to shoot for yourself, take it. By doing a shoot purely for creative output you get to practice your skills, shoot exactly what you want, and work with some amazing people. For myself, I was able to practice my usage of lights (many mistakes were made), give directions to stand-ins, and use a fog machine for the first time.

If you want to check out my full gallery or the partners that made this project possible, please visit the following links:

Full Gallery | Dapper Street Barbershop | Bridgeland Distillery | Panasonic | Swamp Donkey Amps | The Camera Store

Check out the final product below! 

Check out how the video was created below! 

Joey's Gear List: 

Panasonic lumix