First Inaugural Homegrown Short Film Showcase

Attention aspiring, emerging and early-to-mid-career filmmakers and storytellers! Calgary is soon to become the hub for emerging filmmaking voices with the newly announced inaugural Homegrown Short Film Showcase. As one of the sponsors, The Camera Store is excited to welcome the diverse voices and creative visions of Calgary and Southern Alberta's thriving filmmaking community to submit their work to the Homegrown Short Film Showcase!

Homegrown Short Film Showcase submissions are open now until August 1, 2024. 

The Homegrown Short Film Showcase is welcoming the following media (under 20 minutes):

  • Short Films
  • Music Videos
  • Animated Shorts
  • Experimental Media
  • Short Docs
  • And more!

To submit your film and learn more about the submission guidelines, please visit:

Empowering Emerging Filmmakers All Year

The Homegrown Short Film Showcase is more than another film festival. It's a celebration of creativity and a platform to empower emerging filmmakers of all ages. Set to take place on October 17, 2024, at the Stonyslope Brewing Company, the inaugural event will set the stage for subsequent showcases that will run twice a year.

Beyond the Showcases, Homegrown intends to establish itself as a community where artists can learn techniques, find resources, connect with other artists, and collaborate on projects!

Showcasing Talent and Fostering Collaboration

Hosted twice a year in April and October?, the Homegrown Short Film Showcase is committed to providing a unique and inclusive platform for filmmakers to present their work. Their mission is to foster collaboration, celebrate the art of original storytelling, and establish Calgary as a prominent player in the film industry.

Event Highlights

The First Annual Showcase will be a one-night event that celebrates diverse narratives and media. The event will include a screening of locally submitted short films and will also offer an optional informational session to provide knowledge and information to filmmakers in attendance.

Film Submissions: Homegrown Short Film Showcase is currently accepting high-quality short film submissions. Filmmakers, both seasoned and emerging, are invited to submit their work for a chance to be part of this exciting event.

Industry Info Session: For optional attendees, there will be a 1-hour information session by a local industry professional. These professionals will use prior experience in both filmmaking and hosting sessions to provide new talent with valuable, real-world advice.

People's Choice Award: Although the Showcase is not award-focused, Homegrown will engage the audience by introducing a "People's Choice Award" where attendees can vote for their favourite film of the night.

More About The Homegrown Short Film Showcase:

Diverse Representation: Ensuring diversity and underrepresented voices are heard, at least 50% of selected films will represent marginalized communities.

Networking Opportunities: From dedicated networking sessions to interactive audience engagement activities, the Homegrown Short Film Showcase is designed to create meaningful connections within the film community.