We know what we're doing and we want you to succeed! As a premier photo and video outlet, we are full line dealers for the entire range of photographic equipment and supplies. Whether you are a leading professional or new to photography, our expert staff are always ready to assist you in finding the perfect equipment at great prices.

Not only are we the best place to find solutions to all your photo and video needs, we also offer educational seminars and workshops on a variety of topics and skill levels. From learning the buttons and functions of your first DSLR camera to advanced specialized topics, we have a seminar or workshop for you.

Canada’s Largest Selection of Photographic Equipment

We offer a large variety of mirrorless cameras, DSLRs, well over a hundred models of digital compacts, rangefinders, medium format cameras, toy cameras, pinholes, instant cameras, and all of the lenses and accessories that you could imagine. No matter what you’re after, we have the selection and the expertise to help you chose what is best for you.


Kickin’ it Old School Film Style

Whether you’ve never shot a roll before, or have a backlog of rolls in the fridge to develop, we’ve got you covered. We have a great selection of black & white or colour films in 35mm, medium format, or even 4x5, and a variety of darkroom chemistry and equipment to take those negatives all the way to a print. And with seasoned film shooters on staff, we’re happy to answer any questions you might have.


One Man’s Trash…

Looking for some old film cameras that just aren’t made anymore? Want some second-hand options for that next lens? Or maybe you’ve got some gear sitting at home that just isn’t being used anymore, and you’d like to pass it along? Our consignment and used section might have just the solution you’re looking for. Feel confident about buying second-hand with our expert staff who handle and test everything that comes into the showcase, and clear out some space for more gear by consigning or trading in your gear with us.


Books Here, There, Everywhere!

From inspiring monographs to how-to manuals to nail the perfect shot, we have a huge array of photography books for any need. With floor-to-ceiling shelves, come browse our bookstore and you’ll be sure to find something you like. Classics like Robert Frank’s The Americans sit next to collections from local photographers like Mike Drew’s On The Road, and whether you need a technical manual on astrophotography or a basics book to get you started, we’re happy to make suggestions and get some pages in your hands.


Start with Black and Add Light

Whether you're looking for your first lighting kit for the studio in your basement or a new, outrageously sized soft-box for your next shoot, we have all the tools you need. Continuous or speedlight or strobe? On camera or off-camera? Five lights or one? We have the expertise to help you get it right. Our selection will inspire you to take your set to the next level.


Video Sales with Experience

We know what gear works best because we use it. Our YouTube channel - livestreams, shorts, and feature episodes - is produced entirely in-house. From audio solutions to stabilizers and gimbals, plus lighting and whatever information you need, our expert team is here to help you make it happen.

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