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Photo by Autumn Schrock. Sony Alpha 7R II. Sony 24-70mm f/2.8 G Master. 1/20-sec., f/4, ISO 50

Pushing beyond the classic landscape image takes talent and creativity. It is a true artform, from lighting to composition to angles and gear. We have gathered a list of women who are Sony shooters and outstanding landscape photographers. Take a look at their work and see how they elevate the art of landscape photography. Then give them a follow for inspiration in your feed! And for even more inspiration, follow @sonyalpha. For your chance to be featured on, make sure you tag your Sony photography posts with #SonyAlpha.

Autumn Schrock – @autpops

Autumn Schrock is a photographer and designer specializing in outdoor lifestyle, travel, and landscape photography, and a member of the Sony Alpha Imaging Collective. Her photography is known for its bright colors and tranquil landscapes/astroscapes, and she goes on one adventure after another to capture such special scenes. She talks a bit about landscape photography in the caption below, “This solo trip solidified my passion for travel and landscape photography, and I will never forget how I felt in this moment. It’s funny how we can become attached to a chunk of metal, but when you experience these very special life-altering moments through a viewfinder (and sometimes in front of the lens), it’s easy to see how it happens.” This image was made with the Sony Alpha 7R II and Sony 24-70mm f/2.8 G Master Learn more from her in Autumn Schrock’s 5 Tips For Landscape Photography.

Ananya Ray – @ananya.ray

Ananya is a member of the Alpha Collective, and her Instagram serves as her own personal photo diary of her many adventures and travels. Incorporating all of the different elements of nature’s beauty – the bright skies, reflecting water, bountiful trees and grandiose mountains – she puts together some beautiful compositions in the wild. We love the wintery scene in the shot below. Give her a follow to keep up with her adventures!

Sapna Reddy – @sapnareddy

Sapna Reddy is a physician, nature photographer and member of the Alpha Collective. Her Instagram account is filled with brilliant landscapes from all corners of the Earth. We love the series of landscapes she posted below from her time in Java, Indonesia. We particularly love the unusual composition of the first image!

Reece Hickman – @reece_hickman

Reece Hickman is a 25-year-old landscape and adventure photographer currently based in Minnesota. She has a love for traveling, creating compelling imagery, and working with brands to grow their social media presence. Hickman’s goal is to inspire those through my photography to get outdoors, enjoy the beauty this world has to offer, and advocate for the environment. She works to make her images feel raw and real, and make the viewers feel a part of the moment captured.

Tiffanie Yang – @photosby.tiff

Tiffanie Yang is a landscape and travel photographer based in Seattle, Washington. Her goal is for you to look at these photos and feel the sense of adventure and excitement that she did when capturing them. She also hopes to inspire people to pick up their own camera. We love the composition of the image below. Using scale to show the immense physical challenge as well as the majesty of the landscape.

Sonya – @sonyays.jpg

Sonya is a landscape photographer and aspiring mountaineer based in Seattle. She has a talent for capturing strong color in her edits. If you scroll through her Instagram feed, you’ll see the red of the desert, the blue of alpine lakes, and the yellows and oranges of New England in the fall. In fact, the image below caught our eye because of the stunning colors. We love the red of the rock and the glorious pinks in the sky.

Harriet Fuller – @baloothebeetle

Harriet Fuller is a passionate adventurer and photographer based in the U.K. She is a full-time content creator, featuring items sent by brands to help increase awareness through social media and provide innovative compositions with my photography. She often takes off on adventures in Baloo, her 1966 VW Beetle, which makes a great model in many of her images. She shoots on the Sony Alpha 7 III.

Madison Webb – @ms_madison

Madison is a landscape, portrait, wedding and wildlife photographer based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Scrolling through her account, It doesn’t take long to come to the conclusion that she spends a lot of her time outdoors! With her Sony Alpha mirrorless camera and lens system, she fills her Instagram with pristine landscapes and incredible wildlife images. If you want to see beautiful nature shots in your feed, Madison’s account is one to follow!

Galena Staroselsky – @photogalena_

Galena Staroselsky is a landscape and adventure photographer based in Gunnison, Colorado. She works full-time as a Lead OSP Design Engineer and spends most of her free time traveling to the mountains, oceans and deserts to camp, hike and capture landscapes. We love the composition of the image below. How the curving line takes the viewers eye directly to the people standing on the rocks. Then, the viewer’s eye moves to the light from the left side of the frame and takes in the pastel color clouds. Check out more of Staroselsky’s work on her Instagram page!

Jana – @janaverenaphoto

Jana is a German landscape photographer who makes her stunning images on her Sony Alpha 7 III. She has a knack for interesting compositions, in particular using framing in a nice way. She made this sweeping landscape on a road trip through Oregon, in the United States. We think you can agree, it’s gorgeous! Be sure to give her a follow.

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