How to Nail Sports Team Photography

When it comes to sports team photography, there are a few critical components that will help you prepare for a triumphant shoot day. First, you need to ask enough questions to be successful. This is key to being set for success on the day of the shoot. Visit your event location prior to the day to understand the environment you are working in. This way you know what you are up against. Also, know how many people you are photographing with the setup they are looking for to ensure you will have enough time scheduled.

Prepare your gear to ensure you have everything you need. If possible, have enough lighting for all your stations. Be set up before the team arrives. This will ensure that it can be a smooth, fast event.

Know your camera settings. The more set-ups you do, the more you will find a standard set of settings to ensure you have a great starting point.

Know their requirements. Do they want full-body or three-quarter shots, what colour backdrop, are they doing groups or individuals, and then the full team. Knowing this all well in advance will help you prepare for your event day.

Decide how you want to light the team (your gear can decide that). Do you have the right gear to have hair lights (the reflectors, lights stand), for example. Working with ambient light and just highlighting the people is the main way I like to work, but there are times you want to overpower the ambient to create a look. Renting is always a good option.

Always have backup options in case there is a change you are not expecting, such as how you trigger your lights. I carry three options with me. Be over-prepared. There is nothing worse than feeling like you let the client down because you could meet their needs.

Be prepared for the client to change something at the shoot. If you are prepared and able to adjust on the fly, you have a better chance of impressing them and showing them that you could adjust to their needs quickly. This will ensure a successful photo shoot and a happy client.

Team Photography Class – July 8, 2023

10:00 AM | 4 Hours | $250

Sports Photography team session. We will go through on site shooting for team shots, head shots, posing, lighting set ups, lighting settings. Bring your camera as there will be time to allow you to shoot the set ups.

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