Pentax Film Camera Project

Ricoh has started a new project to bring Pentax-brand film camera products to the younger generations. With a rebirth in interest in film cameras, Ricoh-Pentax wanted to take technologies developed over the years and provide camera enthusiasts around the world with new film camera products to enjoy!

With Ricoh-Pentax’s film camera project, they will be developing and launching new products and providing aftercare services for their customers. Allowing experienced film camera users and younger photographers who want to try these cameras for the first time can fully enjoy the experience of film photography!

The main two activities of the film camera project include developing new film camera products and working with camera enthusiasts. The research will begin with developing new film camera products with the help of both veteran and younger engineers, taking advantage of the film camera expertise and technologies created and retained by Ricoh-Pentax, while also incorporating the latest technologies and concepts.

To ensure the project’s success, both in customer feedback and promotion of the project, Ricoh-Pentax is counting on the support of film camera aficionados, photographers, and creators. This will be done by promoting the project through various online and offline events and social media while listening to comments and suggestions from film camera users about product development.

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