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The Canon EOS R7 has been one of our top-selling Canon mirrorless cameras this holiday season so far and for good reason. This mirrorless camera boasts an excellent feature set that would be perfect for capturing holiday moments, your 2023 travels, adventures, and so much more! To make things even better, you can get the Canon EOS R7 for only $1999 and get a bonus Re-Fuel LP-E6 Kit with Seagate One Touch 1TB HDD Bundle! With our guaranteed pricing and extended warranty, now is the best time to get the Canon EOS R7!

Starting on the inside, the Canon EOS R7 is full of features including a 32.5-megapixel sensor that is image stabilized, 15 frames a second mechanical, and an excellent autofocus system. Compared to the 7D Mark II, which will be thicker because it’s a DSLR camera with a mirror and a prism, the EOS R7 camera is significantly smaller and lighter. Of course, this is an excellent design for those who need to carry the camera around all day, hiking or adventuring, so they don’t have to lug around a heavy camera. Now, despite being so small, the grip is surprisingly deep, though an external grip would provide a studier feel.

The smaller size of the EOS R7 does result in less space for buttons and dials, so Canon needed to be creative and rethink the layout. The placement of the control dial and eight-way control joystick may seem a bit odd to start, but are actually very intuitive. Another different, but positive change, was the placement of the On/Off switch, which is just above your thumb, making it super easy and quick to pick up the camera with one hand and turn it on to start shooting.

Moving to the back of the camera, the EOS R7 has a three-inch articulating screen, which comes out to the side, allowing for numerous viewing angles. It is also a very responsive touch screen, giving users another option, alongside the eight-way joystick, to interact with the menu system. The viewfinder has excellent eye relief with 2.36 million dots of resolution, and the placement is perfect in preventing the users face from being too pressed against the camera. Canon also put in power saving mode and smooth mode, which gives the viewfinder a faster refresh rate, a bonus when shooting sports in action.

Shifting to the performance of the Canon EOS R7, which lends itself to high-performance photography, sports and action, wildlife, birds in flight, and so on, thanks to its excellent autofocus performance. The EOS R7 also inherited a lot of features from the higher-end Canon EOS R3, including its renowned face and eye detection. Another excellent addition is the ability to customize the autofocus zone, where you can customize the length and width so you can concentrate only on the subject, giving you that extra advantage with your autofocus. Expanding on the autofocus, the EOS R7 can shoot 15 FPS mechanical and 30 FPS electronic.

Now with shooting at a higher frame rate, there is the issue of battery life. The EOS R7 has an LP E6 NH battery, which users can get well over 600 shots on a single charge with no issues. But to make sure you never run out of battery, right now when you purchase the Canon EOS R7, you can get a bonus Re-Fuel LP-E6 Kit with Seagate One Touch 1TB HDD Bundle!

Next is image quality, and with a 32.5-megapixel image stabilized sensor, the EOS R7 holds up quite closely to the EOS R3 in terms of image quality. It does come down to the lens you put in front of the camera, but the EOS R7 has impressive detail, noteworthy dynamic range, and shockingly malleable files post-production.

Overall, the Canon EOS R7 is an outstanding camera and the perfect gift this holiday season! With our extended return policy until January 14th, 2023, along with our guaranteed pricing until December 31st, 2022, there is no need to stress! If you purchase the Canon EOS R7 from The Camera Store before December 31st, 2022, and the price decreases, we will refund the difference. Simply contact us by email at with your invoice number and details. One of our sales staff will contact you to return the difference to you.

We also have free shipping on most orders over $99*, so anyone across Canada can get the extraordinary Canon EOS R7!

The holidays are almost here and with our guaranteed pricing, there’s no reason to wait! Click here to purchase the Canon EOS R7!

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