TCSTV Canon EOS R6 Mark II Review

TCSTV’s Dave and Evelyn got their hands on the new Canon EOS R6 Mark II, and let’s just say they had a lot of fun! As the newest member of the EOS R lineup, the R6 II has a few significant upgrades from the original R6. With a newly upgraded 24-megapixel full-frame sensor, an upgraded battery, and new autofocus detection, Dave and Evelyn were positively impressed and labelled the Canon EOS R6 Mark II a top performer!

Dave and Evelyn took the time to thoroughly test out the Canon EOS R6 Mark II in a variety of fun locations and scenarios. From a portrait session at Rad Studios to animals at the zoo and ducks on the river to sports and more, they put the R6 II through it all!

When first picking up the R6 II, they both enjoyed the overall feel of the camera, with Canon’s familiar ergonomics and thoughtful design. The 24-megapixel sensor, though not a huge jump from the original R6, was the perfect size for this camera, allowing for fast scanning and stunning images at 40 frames per second with continuous autofocus. When testing it out, Dave and Evelyn were excited to test the new autofocus detection profiles. From portraits in a studio to giraffes and penguins at the zoo and all kinds of birds, pretty much anything with eyes, the R6 II performed beautifully!

But now, enough talk! Let’s see how incredible the new Canon EOS R6 Mark II is in TCSTV’s Canon EOS R6 Mark II Review!

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