Live Streaming With The Camera Store

Live Streaming has been our new normal for events since COVID started. But, fun fact, The Camera Store has a much longer history with live streaming than just the last year and a half. In our most recent TCSTV episode, our extraordinary team talks about our history with live streaming and how all this experience made it possible for us to live stream from the top of Sulphur Mountain in Banff, Alberta!

Our live stream story started about four years ago with just a smartphone with a single mic. Fast forward to June 25th, 2021 when we had our Live From The Rockies event, where we had a multi-cam, out of this world, set up on top of a mountain. It took a lot of trial and error, patience, and learning over the years, but Live From The Rockies was a huge success and is just the start of some wildly exciting live streaming from TCS!

Luckily, if you are looking to dabble in live streaming or started and want some pointers, our Live Stream Dream Team, Gary and Drew, have many pointers to give you!

Then, of course, you have to check out the actual Live From The Rockies: Banff Gondola live stream and Justin “Dunna” McDonough’s behind-the-scenes YouTube video!

Huge thank you to everyone involved in Live From The Rockies!

  • Matt Scobel
  • Cath Simard
  • Justin “Dunna” McDonough

The Camera Store Crew:

  • Drew Crawford
  • Gary Cheung
  • Christopher Donovan
  • Jeff Yee
  • Ryley Smith
  • Evelyn Drake
  • Dave Paul
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