How to Stand Out in a Sea of Amazing Creators

We asked Calgary-based professional content creator Calin Charles to create a video about his creative process and why he likes working with Sony cameras. Without hesitation, he came up with this cool, fast-paced video in collaboration with his talented friends David Lieske and Jacob Clark. This short is jam-packed with stunning visuals from around our local area featuring the Sony a7 IV and the Sony ZV-E10.

“Life as a full-time creator can feel like it moves at 100 miles per hour. Because of this constant grind, I'm always looking for ways to stand out in the sea of amazing creators. I often do this by searching for unique ways to frame my photos, an approach that's probably become the most distinguishable aspect of my work.

That's why I always have my Sony camera on me. Sony has consistently led innovation so that I can focus less on my camera's ability and more on capturing my vision before the moment's gone. Whether that’s shooting the winning moment, recording a content idea, or capturing a perfect memory with my partner, I know Sony's got it covered. Whether with my daily shooter, the Sony a7 IV, or a great content creator camera like the ZV-E10. 

With this vlogger camera, you can use the product showcase settings for product reviews and background defocus to blur out the busyness and choose from a wide selection of Sony E-mount lenses. I know with Sony, my cameras can handle whatever projects come my way and wherever they may take me.” 

When we asked Calin what his experience was like shooting the collaborative video, he said: 

The process of crafting this video showcasing the ZV-E10 was somewhat of a lesson in trust and releasing control. As a photographer & videographer, one of the hardest things to do is to place my camera into someone else's hands. Stepping in front of the lens instead of behind it isn't natural to me and often leaves me feeling helpless over the outcome of the production. With the thousands of hours I shoot, my Sony often feels like an extension of myself - body and mind. So when I have to let go of control over the filming of a project, it's a massive exercise in trust, trust in my very talented friends David Lieske and Jacob Clark, and trust in my Sony Camera, to once again deliver exactly what I needed. And to absolutely no surprise at all, my friends and my camera didn't let me down. 

I think that's often when the most rewarding art or projects come to fruition, when you step out of your comfort zone, work closely with wonderful people, and trust in the tools of your trade.

As a local Calgary creator, filming in this beautiful downtown & showcasing the natural beauty we have in Banff National Park, just a little over an hour away, seemed like the obvious choice for the production. We are so incredibly lucky to have access to these amazing places in our backyard and I don't think I'll ever stop appreciating it." 

We look forward to seeing more of Calin’s work in Calgary and worldwide. To check out more of his work, visit his Website or find him on Instagram.

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