Why Delkin Black Memory Cards are the Secret Sauce For Photographers

One often overlooked but crucial component of a photographer's toolkit is the memory card. Delkin Devices Memory Cards are the secret sauce for photographers and content creators, offering quality, speed, durability, and innovation. Here’s why!  

Delkin Black Memory Cards remain the hidden gem within the realm of professional photography. Beyond the glare of more mainstream brands, I’ve been very impressed with the performance and reliability of Delkin memory cards and readers. We’ve use Delkin cards in our YouTube photo and video kit consistently for a few years, and have never had a corrupt card. Between a crew of 3 of us, swapping them between cameras, cases, and pockets, we are rough on our cards. I’ve even dropped one in the snow outside my vehicle and found it the next morning, dried it and fired it up in my camera and reader, and it’s still one of my main cards. 

Through the utilization of a distinctive injection molding process, Delkin has created BLACK SD cards that surpass standard SD cards in durability. The cards are three times stronger and able to endure more than 45 pounds of impact. Their unique construction involves a unique material, resulting in cards that are virtually indestructible. These BLACK cards exceed the performance of traditional SD cards in bend/pressure tests, with enhanced resistance to dust, water, and shock. They are also capable of operating without error within a broad temperature range, from -25°C to 85°C.

Delkin BLACK memory cards and those with the “48HR logo” offer customers an impressive warranty policy. In addition to their "Lifetime Warranty" policy, they provide a premium 48-hour replacement guarantee. If you encounter an issue with your card, they are willing to replace it within 48 hours or less, excluding weekends. This service is available even before they receive your non-working card. Customers can also opt to replace their card at The Camera Store, an authorized Delkin BLACK reseller.

If you are looking for a fast and reliable card, I highly recommend that you check out our selection of Delkin Devices memory cards and readers. I love that they provide photographers and content creators not just with storage, but with media designed to meet and exceed the demanding nature of professional photography and content creation. 

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