Fun In The Sun: Vlogging Throughout The Summer

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With summer comes days in the sun, hikes, swimming, travels and many more fun adventures. With so much going on, it is the perfect time to start vlogging or up your vlogging game! Long days and epic activities will lead to beautiful and interesting vlogs. You know you’ve thought about it, so what are you waiting for?! To help you get started, we’ve gathered some of the best vloggers out there. Take a look at their content to get creative ideas and learn technical skills like what Sony camera and lenses will work best for you. Get more gear inspiration from our Best Primes Lenses For Vlogging and Best Zoom Lenses For Vlogging in 2023 lists. And for even more video and vlogging inspiration, subscribe to the Sony Alpha Universe YouTube Channel

Sara Dietschy

Sara Dietschy is a vlogger who makes videos about tech, creativity, vlogs, documentary, reviews, how-to and entrepreneurship. She shares her own creative process, along with other filmmakers, photographers and artists in effort to help the audience live their best creative life. In the video below, she breaks down the new Sony ZV-1 II. the all-new second generation camera to the Sony ZV-1 in the vlog camera ZV series. She describes the highly -requested features it includes, such as a wider-angle lens that helps vloggers make more engaging storytelling with attractive photogenic image quality and better in-camera audio.

Simone Sharice

Simone Sharice is an Atlanta-based content creator. She left her corporate role about five years ago and became a full-time creator on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram, making videos and images of lifestyle, fashion, and travel. She shoots with the Sony Alpha 7 IV and Sony 35mm f/1.4 G Master. She switched to Sony a few years ago and is in love with her setup. “When I pick up a Sony, it makes me want to tell a story. It makes me want to perfect my angles, perfect my quality, perfect my frames per second. It makes you kind of want to be perfect and learn. It kind of inspires me to want to try new things.” The video below showcases her first solo trip to Bali.

Kate Glavan

Kate Glavan is a 24-year-old vlogger and content creator. She focuses on running, health, and wellness. She is a HOKA Global Athlete Ambassador and co-host of the podcast Sea Moss Girlies. She has grown a following on TikTok by sharing her life as a runner. She’s also recently delved into longer form content by launching a YouTube Channel! It’s been fun to see how she changes her vlogs for a different platform. She filmed a vlog to kick off summer, shot on her Sony ZV-1 where she covers topics including running, pancakes, pickleball, vintage stores, saie beauty, electrolyte gummies and more!

Kameron Monet

Kameron Monet is an attorney, content creator and YouTuber who shares content that shows the real behind the scenes of being a non-traditional lawyer living in Birmingham, Alabama. Her content is driven by her passion for all things fashion, beauty and lifestyle, as well as female professionalism and career building. Her goal is to inspire, motivate and challenge others to work hard, prioritize self-care and build a life they love. Kameron shoots with the Sony ZV-1, Sony Alpha 6600, Sony Alpha 5100 and Sony E 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 PZ. The video below is a day-in-her-life vlog discussing how she manages her work as a lawyer and a content creator. Take a look to learn her thoughts on time management. She also announces that she is working on a course for content creators, using her knowledge as an influencer marketing lawyer and consultant.

Becca Watson

Becca Watson is a London-based wellness and lifestyle content creator. Filming on her Sony Alpha 7C and Sony ZV-1 Watson shares a “slumber party style video,” which you can see below. We love how she made it feel like she was on FaceTime with a pal, just catching up on life. Becca’s channel is a great place to get inspiration for topics and ideas to start vlogging. Check out her channel and be sure to subscribe!

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