Wrap Up the Stylish Nikon ZF This Christmas

The Nikon Zf full-frame mirrorless camera has a vintage design, touchy-feely command dials, and cutting-edge Nikon technology. It would make a great gift under the tree for the stylish or nostalgic photographer on your list! Plus. we are throwing in a free canvas Nikon Bag and a Re-fule battery & charger kit for some extra goodies. It's all in-stock and ready for you to pick up at The Camera Store today! 

Taking cues from the timeless Nikon FM/FE models, this camera seamlessly melds beauty with functionality. 

Style and Handling:

At 710 grams, the Zf is compact and manageable. That's because of its small but mighty grip that keeps the camera steady in hand. But if you need a bigger grip, SmallRig will release a cool dedicated metal grip extension with easy battery and memory card access. 

This girl loves dials, and the Nikon Zf does not disappoint. It has a manual shutter control dial with a maximum mechanical shutter speed of 1/8000 second. However, what truly sets it apart is the mode selector switch located below this dial. Not only does it effortlessly switch between video and photo modes, but it also offers a dedicated option for black-and-white photography. To top it off, this switch conveniently remembers the last monochrome profile selected, making it a feature I might not be able to live without. Needless to say, I’m excited about the dials and this new switch. 

As someone who loves the nostalgia of classic cameras, I can’t help but appreciate the design of the threaded shutter. It looks cool and perfectly fits classic cable releases and soft-press buttons, adding to the vintage vibe. And let's talk about that small LCD panel on the top of the camera, borrowed from the Nikon Zfc. It simply displays the aperture setting. But it’s another nice touch to the overall design.

New Technology:

I could go on about the style, but what makes this a particularly compelling release is the new tech Nikon has included in this mid-range full-frame body. While the Zf shares a 24-megapixel sensor, it has up to 8 stops of in-body-image stabilization with specialized abilities. In a nutshell, Nikon’s new focus-point-based Vibration Reduction feature minimizes blurring at the focus point rather than the center of the frame, even when the subject is positioned near the edge of the viewfinder.

The processing power and autofocus performance are closer to Nikon's higher-end Z8/Z9 models. It includes subject detection modes and 3D tracking similar to those found in the Z8/Z9 but can focus down to an impressive -10EV at f/1.2. This means that even in extremely low light conditions. It also has a handy manual focus feature that allows you to use eye detection to punch in on a person’s eyes to achieve manual focus perfection. 

This camera can shoot up to 14 shots mechanically to capture motion. And it has a new multi-shot mode to create high-resolution still images while on a tripod. This feature has never been seen in Nikon cameras before and allows you to snap up to 32 frames that the NX software suite can blend to create a 96-megapixel image. 


Well Equipped for Video:

The design of this camera is primarily focused on the photography experience. But it’s also well equipped for video with a fully articulating screen, microphone, and headphone ports. Plus, it's a decent multi-media hybrid camera with 3D tracking for video, 8-stops of IBIS, and up to 4K 60P recording functionality. Yes, there is a crop when shooting 4K 60P, and it’s not the fastest scanning sensor, so the rolling shutter jello is noticeable when panning quickly. But, in a pinch, this makes an excellent hybrid content creation tool. 

Dual media slots with a compromise:

Nikon made an interesting decision to meet the demand for dual memory card slots by offering a UHS-II SD slot and a microSD slot. The transfer speeds and backup functions of both formats are essentially the same. This is a great compromise to provide a backup solution for those needing it while maintaining the compact body size. 


I am beyond excited about the Nikon Zf full-frame mirrorless camera. It boasts cutting-edge technology like 8-stop vibration reduction and manual focusing assist tools that promise an unparalleled experience. And let's not forget about its impressive autofocus and video capabilities. Whether traveling or using it for daily snaps, this camera should be on your list. It's also a speedy backup option for wedding photographers and journalists.

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