Two Mann U - Free Class + TCS Giveaway

Do you want to be a fly-on-the-wall at a real Two Mann wedding? Well, you’re in luck because Two Mann U is hosting a FREE class where you can see how Erika and Lanny Mann shoot a wedding during a real wedding! To make things extra sweet, all Canadian residents who sign up will be entered to win a TCS Prize Pack! Get a taste of how outstanding Two Mann U is, plus get a chance to win a Thinktank Shoulder Bag, a $100 TCS gift card, and some TCS Anniversary Swag! Talk about an epic deal!

Two Mann U is a transformative mentorship, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced, by two of the most astounding photographers, Erika and Lanny Mann! We are all human, and humans make mistakes and struggle. Two Mann U teaches you how to make your best work ever, even when the odds are stacked against you. They will help you thrive under pressure, create extraordinary work no matter the conditions, capture the perfect moments and become an all-around better photographer!

During their FREE class, you will get an exclusive look into the raw and real ways Two Mann photographs a wedding! Watch the moments unfold. Watch how they react. Watch how they light. Watch stuff go wrong. Watch them question their career choice, all while getting a play-by-play directors-cut commentary! Hilarious and inspiring during every moment!

BONUS, every Canadian resident who signs up will be entered to win a TCS Prize Pack!

The Prize Pack includes:

  • Thinktank Shoulder Bag
  • $100 TCS gift card
  • TCS Anniversary Swag

If you’re not a Canadian, don’t worry, you can still sign up for the FREE Two Mann U class!

Click here to sign up now for Two Mann U’s FREE Class!

For more information on Two Mann U, click here, or watch the trailer below!

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