Sony's New Super-Directional Shotgun Microphone

What’s better than three? Three in one! Sony has announced a new shotgun microphone, the ECM-B10. This three-in-one super-directional microphone delivers high-quality sound, sharp directivity and digital signal processing all in a remarkably compact form factor. Talk about great bang for your buck!

The Sony ECM-B10 Shotgun Microphone applies digital signal processing using beamforming technology to allow the user to customize how the audio is recorded by enhancing the microphone’s sensitivity from different directions. Thanks to this, the microphone offers three types of directivity, super-directional, unidirectional and omnidirectional, all in one!

Super-directivity allows the microphone to collect sound from a narrow field in front while suppressing sound from other directions. This is a great option for interviews, selfies, and other situations where the range of sound collection is limited to a narrow extent at the front. Unidirectional sensitivity suppresses sound from behind while collecting sound from a wide field in front. This option is perfect for recording conversations between several people. Omnidirectional sensitivity picks up sound equally from all directions and is ideal for recording environmental sounds.

Crystal-clear sound collection with effective noise suppression is easy with the ECM-B10. Using digital signal processing within the microphone itself, excess noise is reduced for clearer sound collection and creates a more efficient post-production workflow. The microphone’s shock and vibration suppressing design effectively suppresses low-frequency vibration noise, while its cable-less design eliminates noise transmitted via cables. The supplied windscreen minimizes environmental noises, making it easy to capture crisp audio, even when shooting outside.

The ECM-B10 provides flexibility and mobility with its compact design. Users can also experience greater shooting flexibility by connecting the microphone to a camera via the MI (Multi-Interface) Shoe to operate without cables, preventing interference with the side flip-out screen or external batteries. Power is supplied directly from the camera to the microphone, so you can continue shooting without worrying about the microphone battery running out. An extensive range of audio settings is available on the back of the microphone to let the user check the setting status at a glance to prevent accidental settings and give peace of mind. For added security, the ECM-B10’s design is resistant to dust and moisture for worry-free outdoor shooting, especially when combined with a similar dust and moisture resistant body and lens.

For more information and to purchase the Sony ECM-B10 Shotgun Microphone, click here!

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