Pro Wedding Photographer Peter Georges Explains Why He Switched To Sony Mirrorless

Guest Author: Sony Alpha Universe

When he bought a Sony α7II, wedding pro Peter Georges saw the potential for mirrorless to replace his DSLRs. When he bought the Sony α7R II, his DSLR officially became history. 

"As high megapixel DSLRs make the job of producing sharp images more and more difficult, the A7rII has the perfect storm of technologies that make it easier than ever:

• Image Stabilization which is applied to all lenses including f1.4 primes
• The traditional mirrorless strength of accurate focusing, without the need for per-lens focus tuning
• The lack of mirror slap
• The lack of shutter vibration thanks to an electronic first curtain shutter
• Continuous eye detect autofocus, since getting critical focus on the eye is always key

Add that with a WYSIWYG view on your exposure and it means a staggeringly high hit rate. Allowing you to focus on making great artwork rather than managing the technical aspects of photography." -Peter Georges

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