Get what you want with the Nikon D500. It’s a compact powerhouse fusing the highest performance of Nikon’s professional D5 with the agility of the DX format. Portable and powerful, the D500 will enhance the way you shoot stills and video. Ideal for travel, adventure, story-telling, sports photography and more.

NIKKOR lenses unlock the full imaging potential
NIKKOR lenses are trusted and praised by professionals and advanced amateurs all over the world. Taking advantage of accumulated Nikon technology, they ensure high resolution even in the peripheral areas of the frame, along with exceptional rendering of point light sources and beautiful image blur that conveys a natural sense of depth, all while effectively reducing ghost and flare.

  • Approx. 10 fps continuous shooting

  • Compact, lightweight DX system

  • 4K UHD video (30p), suitable for professional productions

  • New EXPEED 5 image-processing engine achieves superior image quality and sensitivity up to ISO 51200

  • Touch-screen, tilting LCD monitor ensures comfortable shooting when composing from low or high angles

  • SnapBridge support lets you connect the camera to a compatible smart device via built-in Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth®

  • Powerful new 153-point AF system

153 focus points with broader, denser image area coverage for incredible performance
Boasting the most advanced AF system in the history of Nikon digital SLR cameras, the D500 empowers you to capture more decisive moments in sharp focus. The camera’s autofocus sensor module gives you a dense, 153 focus-point configuration that covers an extremely wide portion of the image area, with 99 cross sensors in the frequently used central and peripheral areas, realizing more flexible composition. This ensures the D500 is able to focus easily on small or low-contrast subjects.

Focusing capability down to -4 EV lets you capture a wider range of scenes
The D500’s AF capability is about more than just focus points. By minimizing noise, the newly developed autofocus sensor module is able to focus down to -4 EV with the central focus point, and -3 EV with all other points*. This makes AF possible even in low light or when shooting low-contrast subjects. Consider the possibilities when you combine this with the camera’s impressive high-sensitivity performance (up to ISO 51200) and the ability to meter exposure all the way down to -3 EV. The D500 opens up an entirely new photographic frontier.

High-speed continuous shooting at approx. 10 fps for up to 200 shots in 14-bit lossless compressed RAW
The D500 harnesses all the powerful technology at its disposal to realize exceptional continuous shooting performance. Its
image sensor is designed for even faster readout, while the new EXPEED 5 image-processing engine accelerates performance
even further. The combination of these features with an improved mirror sequence mechanism helps achieve the feat of
high-speed continuous shooting at approx. 10 fps*. Together with a quick release time lag of approx. 50 ms, this means that
the D500 is ready to capture decisive moments, and thanks to an extended buffer capacity, you can also take continuous
sequences of up to 200 shots in JPEG and in 14-bit lossless compressed RAW. Nail that crucial instant with total confidence —
with the D500, you can.

Superior agility brings an edge to telephoto shooting
While it shares many of the top-level features of the D5, its leading FX-format counterpart, the D500 possesses its own unique form of agility when it comes to telephoto shooting. The smaller DX-format image sensor provides an angle of view equivalent to that of a lens with approx. 1.5× longer focal length*, which means you benefit from a telephoto range comparable to the D5 while using smaller and lighter lenses. For durability, the D500 employs a monocoque structure, with high-stiffness carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic and magnesium alloy, all of which contribute to its lightweight body without sacrificing its ruggedness. This outstanding agility lets you travel light — a crucial advantage when shooting in far-flung locations.

4K UHD video (3840 × 2160), essential for multimedia users
Meeting the demands of multimedia professionals, the D500 provides 4K UHD (3840 × 2160)/24p/25p/30p as well as 1080/60p video for up to 29 min. 59 s. Thanks to the camera’s new EXPEED 5 image-processing engine, you can expect detail-rich, high-definition movies that take full advantage of the stunning depiction NIKKOR lenses offer, with smooth exposure control specifically tailored to movie recording. The exceptional agility of the DX system, combined with a wide sensitivity range from ISO 100 to 51200, expandable to Hi 5 (equivalent to ISO 1640000), broadens your shooting possibilities even further. Your 4K UHD video footage can be displayed simultaneously on an external monitor via HDMI, and uncompressed 4K UHD movie data can be recorded directly to an external storage device while also recording video onto an in-camera memory card.

The D500 has a built-in stereo microphone and is compatible with the optional ME-1 Stereo Microphone and ME-W1 Wireless Microphone. Microphone sensitivity levels can be adjusted in 20 increments while visually monitoring the sound level indicator during movie recording. Sound monitoring is also possible using commercially available stereo headphones.

Touch-operation, tilting 8-cm/3.2-in., 2359k-dot high-resolution LCD monitor
The D500’s touch-panel LCD monitor brings an entirely new level of usability to still and movie shooting. It offers functions such as touch AF and touch shutter (in still image shooting), as well as the ability, shared with the D5, to input text such as copyright information, and to switch sequences of images at high speed using the frame advance bar in image playback — both particularly useful for professionals. The monitor’s 3-axis hinge structure allows it be tilted up or down flexibly across a wide range of angles. When tilted upward, the camera’s eyepiece remains unobstructed, and it can also be tilted smoothly downward while attached to a tripod. Thanks to the monitor’s significantly increased 2359k-dot resolution, you can check images and confirm focus in superbly precise detail, and its colors can be customized to match those of the computer monitor used for image editing.

Supports SnapBridge, Nikon’s new image transferring application

The D500 can be constantly connected to a smart device*1 with the new SnapBridge application installed (available as a free download), via Bluetooth. This enables a variety of features. You can automatically transfer images taken with the D500 to your smart device, as well as upload them automatically to NIKON IMAGE SPACE, or use the smart device to browse images stored in the camera. You can also embed those images with the location and date/time information from your smart device. The D500’s NFC support*2 means that
establishing link with your smart device via Bluetooth is as simple as touching it against the camera’s N-Mark. The camera also comes with built-in Wi-Fi that permits higher-speed communication, which can be switched to manually when there are images waiting to be transferred. SnapBridge dramatically enhances the experience of taking and sharing images with a digital SLR camera.

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