New Sony A-Mount Adaptor: The LA-EA5!

Sony just made it easier for you to switch up your lenses, with a new 35mm Full-frame A-mount lens adaptor! The LA-EA5 is a lens adaptor that allows users to easily pair advanced E-mount camera bodies with A-mount lenses. Talk about opening up new possibilities!

The new LA-EA5 A-mount adaptor gives users access to the acclaimed autofocus and high-speed shooting capabilities found in Sony’s latest E-mount camera bodies while using A-mount lenses. This includes SSM (Super Sonic wave Motor), SAM (Smooth Autofocus Motor) lenses and A-mount lenses that do not have internal focus motors.

The adaptor provides full support for focal-plane phase-detection AF, wide-area focal phase-detection AF coverage, Real-time Eye AF for both humans and animals, Real-time Tracking and AF/AE (auto exposure) tracking for SSM/SAM lenses on nine most recently introduced E-mount cameras.

The LA-EA5 has a compact design featuring an aperture drive unit and a newly developed compact AF drive unit. Additionally, the diameter matches that of the A-mount, perfectly aligning with the edges of the mount, ensuring comfortable operation. The design also allows for easy operation on full-frame E-mount bodies, even when a vertical grip is attached to the camera body.

The LA-EA5 will be available in October 2020, so keep your eyes peeled on for when it is finally available!

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