Masters of Motion: Get PAID to Learn Gymnastics Photography

Guest Author: Lauren Killam

Masters of Motion is a groundbreaking gymnastics photography clinic designed to develop the next generation of elite gymnastics photographers.

The clinic is hosted by the Grizzly Classic, Canada’s biggest Men’s Artistic Gymnastics competition, and Luke O’Geil, a renowned FIG-sanctioned master photographer who specializes in gymnastics photography.

The clinic is designed to give professional and developing photographers the expertise, experience, and qualifications needed to succeed in a dynamic and competitive market.

Masters of Motion students will receive exclusive floor access during the Grizzly Classic and will be given the opportunity to sell their practice photos to the families of all 347 athletes. 

We guarantee a minimum of two floor sessions, but photographers may choose to cover more sessions if the clinic does not sell out. The maximum payout per session is $1250 CAD, so students who cover two sessions will have a max payout of $2500 CAD, students who cover four sessions will have a max payout of $5000 CAD, and so on.

We understand that you’re busy and will do our best to accommodate your schedule with makeup sessions, etc., if needed.

Masters of Motion students will also be invited to apply to receive their status as an internationally accredited, FIG-sanctioned photographer and cover international teams at the 2025 Grizzly Classic. Gymnastics photographers with these credentials can apply to cover other elite international gymnastics events.

Students and teachers can use the promo code EDUCATION50 at checkout to get a 50% discount. Valid credentials must be provided.

For more information about the clinic, including schedule, modules and details about the paid opportunity, please visit For questions, please email with “Attn: Lauren Killam, Masters of Motion Inquiry” in the subject line.

Thank you! And we hope to see you there!

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