Flic Film Brings Us Street Candy 35mm Film

The Camera Store has two new fantastical films that you have to try! Thanks to our incredible friends at Flic Film, we now carry Street Candy MTN100 and Street Candy ATM400! These 35mm Films from Street Candy will take your black-and-white still photography to the next level with fine-grain texture and beautiful contrast. 

Street Candy MTN100 and Street Candy ATM400 create breathtaking photographs, with only a few key differences. The most obvious is the ISO, with MTN100 having an ISO of 100 and ATM400 having an ISO of 400. MTN100 will require more light to create those stunning images, but by pushing it up to +2 stops, you'll reveal its full potential! 

The other fun and intriguing difference is where the film comes from! MTN100 is from a German film manufacturer with a century-long tradition in motion picture film, which gives it its strong character and elegance that will make your Black & White images shine. While, ATM400 is a retired surveillance film that was originally used inside ATMs, Banks, or any other locations to "fight crime against humanity"!

Specifics of Street Candy MTN100

Street Candy introduced MTN100 in 2021, bringing the perfect film, with the unique look of black and white movies to your still photography. As traditional German cinema stock, MTN100 brings a classic cinematic look with fine details, lovely contrast, strong grain and elegance that will make your black-and-white images shine. As a panchromatic film for outdoor and indoor photography, MTN100 is perfect for you to explore any photographic style, from portraits, street photography, landscape, and so on. 

A common trait of cinema film is that the ISO rating subtly changes from indoor and outdoor, making it more sensitive to outdoor natural light than indoor light. MTN100 can be processed as a normal black-and-white film negative or with a reversal kit to produce direct positives. As part of Street Candy's goal to be more eco-conscious, MTN100 uses recycled film canisters and containers, so you know you're making a difference with each roll you get. With an exquisite fine grain, superb sharpness, and rich tonalities, MTN100 has everything to become the next film you’ll fall in love with! 

Specifics of Street Candy ATM400

As Street Candy's first film, this sweet 35mm emulsion comes from retired security film, giving it its unique high sensitivity and high-contrast character without losing mid-tone details. ATM400 will deliver a beautiful contrast for punchy black-and-white images while maintaining a soft grain structure for rich details throughout its wide dynamic range, making it perfect for street photography and dramatic light conditions. 

With a medium sensitivity, ATM400 will get you covered in most situations, but if you can push up to +1 stop or more for extreme contrast. With 36 exposures, hand-rolled in a recycled 135 film canister and packed in a brand new recycled cardboard film box and soy-based dyes, you can help save the planet one roll at a time!

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