Ilford HP5 Film Featuring Crombie McNeill

Image By In Focus – Crombie McNeill

Film photography is making a comeback with more and more photographers choosing to shoot on film cameras. The romanticism of taking time to thoughtfully create and get more personal with each image is what makes film photography so special. One of The Camera Store’s best-selling film is Ilford HP5, which is what renowned photographer Crombie McNeill uses as well! Ilford HP5 is a fast black & white film that is ideal for action, available light and general-purpose photography.

Crombie McNeill is a renowned Canadian photographer with photo credits in major publications such as National Geographic, Sports Illustrated, News Week, McLean’s Magazine and even Playboy Magazine. At around four or five years old, Crombie started helping his father in his wet darkroom, and that is when he fell in love with black & white film photography. Now, as a career photographer, Crombie is a dedicated Ilford shooter, with his go-to film Ilford HP5.

Image By In Focus – Crombie McNeill

In Ilford’s 45th In Focus interview, Crombie discusses how important it is to have total confidence in his film and processing throughout his creative process, which he has with Ilford HP5. This allows him to have confidence in his technique and confidence in how he interacts with his subjects, all of which is then felt by his subjects, creating an overall incredible shooting experience.

The high quality and consistency of Ilford is the reason why Ilford has been a leader in the industry for decades. With the Ilford HP5+ Single Use Camera and the easy-to-use Ilford Simplicity Starter Pack, you can also experience the incredible quality of Ilford that Crombie McNeill raves about!

Image By In Focus – Crombie McNeill

If you’re new to developing your own film, check out Ilford’s wonderful, how-to ILFORD SIMPLICITY Film Processing Photo Chemicals video below! And if you’re looking for more information on the difference processes to create beautiful black & white film photography, check out this Youtube Playlist here!

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