Fresh Capture One Update

Capture One has a fresh new update to help keep your workflow rolling smooth! In Capture One 14.3.0 for Mac and Windows, you can enjoy your favourite features, redesigned to make editing easier and faster, so you have more time to create! There are also a few days left of the Capture One July Promo, making this an excellent time to try it out!

In this latest update from Capture One, they freshened everything up to give you your most seamless editing experience yet. A combination of redesigned workflow features and new tools gives you the chance to spend less time at your computer and more time behind your camera. Some examples are the redesigned Exporter for easy export and new features like a Proofing Viewer that visualizes your final photo with all your output settings applied. Plus, the all-new Magic Brush lets you play with precision and work with Layers faster.

Making this upgrade even sweeter, there are still a few days left of the Capture One Pro July Promo! Enjoy 25% off Capture One Pro until July 31st!

For more information on Capture One 14.3.0, click here and to download Capture One 14.3.0, click here!

To learn more about the 25% off Capture One Pro July Promo, click here!

Want a first look at the great, new workflow improvements from Capture One? Check out their live stream below!

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