Firmware Update For Canon EOS C70

Canon C70 shooters, have you heard the news? Firmware update! Firmware Version for the EOS C70 adds enhancements and fixes that you’ll for sure be excited about! These updates include Frame and Interval recording modes and support for 4K Cinema RAW Light recording!

The addition of Frame and Intercal Recording modes is a direct result of the user feedback and adds, even more, recording flexibility to the EOS C70 camera by allowing easy creation of stop motion and time-lapse sequences when recording in the XF-AVC and MP4 formats.

The addition of Cinema RAW Light internal recording to the EOS C70 camera further enhances the reconding capabilities of what’s already a powerful digital machine.

Firmware Version incorporates the following fix and enhancements:

  1. Adds support for the Cinema RAW Light recording modes.
    Resolution: 4096 x 2160, 2048 x 1080
    Bit Depth: 12 bit
    Frame rate: 59.94P, 50.00P, 29.97P, 23.98P, 25.00P, 24.00P
  2. Adds modes.
  3. Adds modes.

Click here for more information and to download Firmware Version!

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