Nikon's Best Value Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera

The feature-rich Nikon Z5 offers full-frame sensor image quality and more capabilities than you might expect. Get one of our Nikon Z5 Kits with a 24-50mm lens in your hands for under $2000 while they last! The Z5 is an excellent choice for capturing portraits, nature, and more. It also has one of the best-in-class electronic viewfinders at this price point allowing you to preview your image while you’re shooting.

The Z5 offers an affordable entry point to Nikon’s full-frame mirrorless lineup. We love that it delivers detailed images with a 24-megapixel sensor, precise autofocus, and all of the tools to get creative in photography or video. The in-body image stabilization allows for handheld image and content creation. The weather sealing means that you can enjoy this camera in a variety of outdoor conditions without worry.

Fast Processor & Shutter Speed:
Engineered with the EXPEED 6 processor, it is powerful and energy-efficient while rendering subtle textures and small details with amazing results. It also has a shutter speed of up to 1/8000 to help tame even the brightest mid-day light allowing you to maximize the potential of fast-aperture Nikkor glass. It can also capture full-resolution bursts at 4.5 frames per second with Autofocus and Autoexposure. This is an excellent feature for capturing everyday life, kids, pets, portraits, and more.

Autofocus with eye-detection for humans & animals:
The Nikon Z5 has 273 on-sensor AF points, to quickly and accurately track subjects throughout the frame, while Eye-Detection AF capabilities help precisely capture the eyes of humans and animals. In combination with the camera’s silent photography mode and In-Body 5-Axis VR stabilization, you can capture fleeting moments with ease.

4K Video Capabilities:
The Z5 makes it easy to create your video creations in both 4K UHD/30p or 1080/60p (full-frame). When recording video, the Z5 is quick to react, allowing you to quickly lock critical focus on subjects, and is fully customizable to fit any production style. Additionally, the in-camera VR image stabilization and electronic VR reliably eliminate the shake when shooting video, plus there is the added benefit of focus peaking and the ability to capture stills while recording.

Built rugged and engineered for versatility, the Nikon Z5 is compact and comfortable while being durable with a weather-sealed exterior for worry-free use. It also has a powerful, high-resolution 3.2-inch LCD monitor, dual UHS-II card slots for overflow, backup or separating RAW and JPEG photos, Wifi and Bluetooth, and much more!

The Nikkor Z 24-50mm f/4-6.3 is the latest addition to the rapidly expanding lineup of Nikkor Z lenses and is the smallest FX-format Z lens yet. Designed to take advantage of the wide Z mount, this lens delivers sharpness across the entire frame and a versatile zoom range for everyday use. Only three inches long when retracted, it is a great compact option for lightweight travel and street photography.

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