Check Out The Camera Store’s New PGYTECH Lineup

Are you looking to upgrade your photography gear? Look no further than The Camera Store's exciting new lineup of PGYTECH products. From sling bags and camera straps similar to Peak Design in style and function to card readers and mini tripods to help maximize your productivity, PGYTECH offers innovative solutions to enhance your photography experience!

We are excited to offer the latest and greatest photography gear with our new lineup of PGYTECH products. With a variety of accessories for every photographer's needs, here are a few of our favourite products from PGYTECH!

PGYTECH OneGo Solo V2 10L

The PGYTECH OneGo Solo V2 10L redefines how photographers carry their gear, offering a seamless blend of style, functionality, and protection. Engineered for the modern photographer, this sling bag features a large opening for easy access to all your equipment plus meticulous compartmentalization and internal pockets, enabling the user to tailor the storage space to fit their specific equipment needs. The spacious interior can comfortably accommodate a camera body, multiple lenses, and essential accessories, plus has a hidden water bottle pocket, making it an ideal choice for both photo shoots and travel. Crafted from high-quality, durable materials, the OneGo Solo V2 10L is designed to withstand the rigours of the outdoors while safeguarding your valuable equipment from the elements, so you’re always prepared to capture that perfect shot. 

PGYTECH CFexpress Card Reader Case

The PGYTECH CFexpress Card Reader Case revolutionizes the way photographers manage their digital assets. As both a card reader and a card case, you can seamlessly transfer data and safely keep your CFexpress cards with efficiency and reliability. Available in Type A or Type B, this card reader has a built-in USB32. Gen2 chip, with a transmission speed up to 10Gbps. When time is of the essence, and every second counts in your workflow, this card reader case stands out with blazing-fast data transfer speeds of up to 1000MB/s for CFexpress memory cards and 312MB/s for SD 4.0 SD/microSD cards (via high-speed card adapter). Its robust design guards against the harsh realities of travel and on-location shoots, ensuring your precious data remains intact while simplifying the process of data management by keeping your cards organized and accessible. Whether you're in the studio transferring gigabytes of data or in the field swapping cards between shoots, the PGYTECH CFexpress Card Reader Case is your ultimate companion for efficient and worry-free data management.

PGYTECH Camera Wrist Strap

Elevate your photography experience with the unparalleled security and comfort of the PGYTECH Camera Wrist Strap. Designed for creatives who demand both convenience and safety for their gear, this wrist strap utilizes a quick connector dead-center locking mechanism, so there is no risk of the camera falling off, regardless of the angle of force applied, as long as the quick bead remains locked. A three-layer structure helps remind you to change the lanyard in time while the abrasion-resistant lanyard is ten times stronger than steel wire and can carry a load of up to 55 KG, ensuring the safety of your gear. Tear-Resistant Dyneema® Fabric along with soft microfiber is used to provide lightness, strength, comfort and durability. From navigating the streets to exploring rugged terrains, the PGYTECH Camera Wrist Strap gives you the confidence to focus on capturing stunning images, with the peace of mind that your camera is securely fastened to your wrist.

PGYTECH Beetle Camera Clip

The PGYTECH Beetle Camera Clip is a game-changer for active and on-the-go photographers. It cleverly attaches using an innovative clamping design to replace traditional drive bolts, offering instant, secure and no-fuss access to your camera. A side security lock prevents accidental release, while its aluminum alloy construction makes it very strong, reliable, and resistant to corrosion. The PGYTECH quick-release plate is Arca-Swiss compatible, so you can easily take your camera out of the clip and put it directly into an Arca-type tripod, stabilizer, and slider, enabling you to capture the shots you want for the most memorable moments. Perfect for adventurers, travellers, and street photographers alike, the Beetle Camera Clip ensures that you never miss a shooting opportunity.

PGYTECH Arca-Type Quick Release Clamp & Plate


The innovation behind the PGYTECH Arca-Type Quick Release Clamp & Plate streamlines the camera setup process for photographers of all levels. This mounting accessory is engineered for compatibility with the popular Arca-Swiss plate, for use with many gimbals, plates, tripods and sliders, making it an essential tool for achieving quick, secure camera attachments. Its design prioritizes ease of use without sacrificing security, ensuring that your camera remains stable during shoots. The clamp and plate feature a SnapLock System, where the quick-release mounting base uses a clamp that locks by itself rather than a traditional knob enhancing portability and usability in the field. Ideal for those who frequently transition between shots or locations, the PGYTECH Arca-Type Quick Release Clamp & Plate simplifies your photography setup, saving time and frustration.

PGYTECH MantisPod 2.0

Dive into the world of unmatched stability and versatility with the PGYTECH MantisPod 2.0, a tripod that stands out for its ingenious design and functionality. This latest iteration offers significant improvements, making it a versatile companion for photographers and videographers alike. Its innovative claw design lets the tripod clinch to glass, doors, trees, and railings effortlessly while also switching between tripod mode and handheld mode instantly, ensuring you can secure the perfect shot in virtually any scenario. Whether it's capturing low-angle macro shots, setting up for a time-lapse on uneven terrain, or recording a vlog in the middle of downtown, the ball head enables 360° panoramic rotation and 120° tilt adjustment for ultimate creative freedom for you to explore new perspectives and elevate your photography.

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