Capture One 22 Update!

Improved speed, enhanced performance, new capabilities, all in one dynamic and powerful update! Capture One 22 version 15.2.0 is here with an entirely reenvisioned keystone tool, heaps of feature updates with expanded capabilities, and Apple silicon performance advancement that brings substantial speed improvements across a host of the most demanding and frequently used functions. The update doesn’t stop there either, it also brings new camera and lens support for a number of the most recent hardware releases!

Keystone Tool Redesign

One of the major updates of Capture One 22 is the redesign of the Keystone Tool. The Tool is now split into two tabs, Guides and Sliders, making it easy to automatically apply corrections and as well as manually tweak the result afterwards, and Auto Keystone has been added for all camera models, allowing a swift and precise perspective correction of most images.

Auto Keystone allows Capture One to detect and correct the perspective automatically. By pressing the ‘Auto’ button in the Keystone Tool, lines in the image(s) are automatically detected, evaluated, and used for the correction. The result is a swift automatic correction with high precision.

The Keystone Guides have been redesigned to easily place them with greater precision. The precision of the guides can be fine-tuned using the keyboard arrows when a guide is selected. It also offers fully automatic and guided keystone options, while Sliders offers manual adjustments.

To allow the Keystone Tool to provide perfectly vertical and horizontal lines when correcting perspective using the Guides, the new adjustment type ‘Skew’ has been introduced. Skew has been introduced to accommodate a wider range of perspective corrections.

Apple Silicon (M1) Performance Improvements

The following areas have been improved:

  • Preview generation is up to 100% faster.
  • Luma Mask rendering is up to 300% faster. This makes it faster to render the initial Luma Mask and significantly faster to tweak the luminosity range afterwards.
  • Feather and Refine Mask are up to 1,000% faster.
  • Fujifilm X-Trans raw loading is up to 100% faster, making the preview generation and rendering, when zooming, feel significantly faster on images from Fujifilm APS-C cameras.

Other Improvements:

  • Capture One LIVE Session Duration
    • The duration of individual Live Sessions can now be configured to 1, 3, 5, 7, or 14 days.
  • Improved Auto Rotate
    • The algorithm behind Auto Rotate has been improved, providing more accurate results on images where clear lines are visible.
  • Crop Aspect Ratio Behavior
    • When changing the Aspect Ratio through the Crop Tool, the Crop will instantly snap to the new ratio.
      • This makes it easier and more intuitive to work with different aspect ratios, as you don’t have to make a change to the crop for the new ratio to apply.
  • Drop-Down Menus Behavior
    • Important functionality is no longer hidden behind a drop-down that could only be accessed through long-pressing the icons. Instead, a redesign of these icons and menu behaviours makes them intuitive and easy to use. Most icons have gotten a downwards arrow that will open the menu, and all menus can be opened by right-clicking their icons. The affected areas are:
      • All Cursor Tools
      • Export
      • Auto-Adjust
      • Before & After
      • Recipe Proofing
      • Add New Layer
      • Add New Export Recipe
  • New Customizable Default Sorting
    • Capture One has always sorted images by Name as default. This is not optimal when shooting with multiple cameras. This new functionality will make it possible to set a custom default to sort criteria as well as direction.

Capture One Pro 22’s update also provides support for the new Phase One iXM-GS120 camera, along with numerous Sony, Sigma, Canon and Olympus lenses! For the full list of newly supported lenses, click here.

For more information on Capture One 22 version 15.2.0, click here!

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