A Prime Lens Trinity For Portraits, Street & More

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If you’re looking for compact primes that work for just about any shooting scenario, we have just the list for you. In this video portrait photographer and Sony Artisan Miguel Quiles shares three amazingly great compact prime lenses that are not only awesome for any Sony full frame camera, but even more so when you combine them with some of the more compact bodies in the lineup. “I think a case could be made that with these three lenses, you could pretty much go out and shoot a large percentage of situations. And of course, get that in a compact package that doesn’t compromise on quality. I keep these on rotation as I go out and shoot every single day with my Sony Alpha 7CR.” Keep watching as he reveals the lenses and why they’re fantastic for all kinds of photography from street to portraits and beyond.

1. Sony 24mm f/2.8 G

Quiles explains that 24mm is a common focal length for many people because it’s the focal length that can be found on most smartphone lenses. The popular Sony 24mm f/2.8 G is a great option to capture just about anything you would run into when out shooting. “For my portrait work, 24mm allows me to not only capture the person that I’m photographing, but also to incorporate the environment,” he says. “Pairing it up with my Sony Alpha 7CR is an easy choice as it gives beautiful, sharp results without taking up a lot of space in my camera bag.”

He also expresses that the design of the lens is a very noteworthy part of its allure. “Even though the lens is so small,” he explains, “they managed to add some useful functions like an aperture ring that could be declicked using this switch, a Focus Hold button that adds features that can be customized in the camera menu, and the ability to switch from Auto to Manual Focus right on the barrel of the lens.”

2. Sony 55mm f/1.8

The Sony 55mm f/1.8’s ability to capture sharp images and amazing bokeh has made it a favorite prime for quite some time. Quiles calls it easily one of his favorite Sony lenses of all time for a few reasons. “One would be that fast 1.8 aperture that could be used in low light situations, or to separate your subjects from your background. Of course it’s small and compact, but unlike some other prime lenses out there, it’s built solid and it feels like a quality product in your hands. It’s one of those things that gives me confidence when I’m outdoor shooting, and I think that it’s something that people will really appreciate when they use it for themselves.”

Another thing Quiles loves about the 55mm is the fact that when shooting portraits he can easily defocus the background for a beautiful bokeh effect without having to sacrifice the sharpness of his subject. “When you pair this lens up with a high-resolution camera like the Sony Alpha 7CR, it’s just crazy how fun it is to use and get great shots in the process.”

3. Sony 85mm f/1.8

On certain days, Quiles says he can get through an entire portrait session using just the Sony 85mm f/1.8 lens. While the largest of these three lenses, he says to not let it fool you. Once paired with a compact Alpha 7C camera body, the lens doesn’t feel heavy and feels great in the hands. “Beyond that, the image quality coming from this lens is top notch. And of course that f/1.8 aperture could be used to get stunning bokeh in pretty much any kind of lighting situation.

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