Yelangu L4X Motorized Dolly

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The Yelangu L4X is a compact, motorized dolly design for action cameras, smartphones, and mirrorless cameras.

  • Remote control: you can adjust the running speed, start, pause, and drive backwards through the remote control.
  • Suitable for SLR and mobile phones: up to 3KG/6.6 lbs. When loading a 6.6-pound camera, the car usually runs for 1 hour.
  • Dual running modes: By adjusting the wheels, users can easily switch between straight and circle route modes
  • Broad compatibility: This rolling slider skater is compatible with both smart phones (phone mount sold separately) and cameras
  • Replacement for slider — This dolly can run on desks, tables, camera sliders, or any other level surfaces. It is a replacement option for traditional slider, which usually large and heavy to carry around



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