X-Rite i1 ColorChecker Filmmaker Kit


Available In 7-14 Business Days


The i1 ColorChecker Filmmaker Kit was created for demanding filmmakers looking for the ultimate level of on-screen color accuracy and the ability to achieve ideal color accuracy and control from capture to edit on super-bright, HD and HDR displays. The kit includes the i1Display Pro Plus calibration device, i1Profiler software with advanced options for maximum control, and ColorChecker Passport Video, a convenient pocket-sized case with four video targets to quickly achieve a worry-free, color balanced, and consistently neutral place with ideal camera exposure.

i1Display Pro Plus incorporates new technology to meet the needs of filmmakers, editors, colorists and photographers working with constantly evolving super bright HD and HDR monitors. The i1Display Pro Plus colorimeter is unsurpassed, measuring up to 2000 nits for the ultimate level of on-screen color accuracy. The X-Rite ColorChecker Passport Video color chart reduces editing time with ideal camera exposure so you can get a better camera-to-camera match, achieve perfect exposure, and easily shoot and edit for mixed lighting to speed up color grading.


  • Measures up to 2000 nits for monitors and projectors, offering professional control for on-screen color accuracy, 
  • Achieves correct neutral detail levels and higher accuracy in dark colors, especially beneficial on OLED displays and others that can achieve close to zero black point.
  • Minimizes clipping in dark area in 3D LUT workflows and HDR supported displays to achieve better behavior in blacks and optimized details.
  • Quickly and easily obtain perfect exposure at capture and ideal color balance in post-production color grading.
  • Easily matches multiple cameras and reduces editing time.

The i1 ColorChecker Filmmaker Kit incorporates the ideal workflow tools needed by hobbyist and professional filmmakers alike for capturing and editing footage and bringing ideal color balance to the filmmaking production workflow.

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