X-Rite Colorchecker Video XL


Available In 7-14 Business Days


Colour Balance and Control for Longer and Wider shots from Capture to Edit

X-Rite ColorChecker® Video XL is designed for those longer and wider shots when you need a larger reference target. It will speed up your colour correction process and save you hours in post. Use it to nail exposure, match multiple cameras and maintain consistency during changing light, so you can tell your story as perfectly as possible.

Filmmakers, DITs, Editors and Colourists: Get to your ideal colour place faster!

The ColorChecker Video XL provides an extra-large format for effortlessly capturing the target at greater distances and wider angles. It provides the same chromatic colours, skin tones and gray reference chips of the standard size ColorChecker Video, but twice as large. You’ll be able to eliminate the need to move your camera closer or adjust the focal length of your lens, shoot in the same lighting condition that is falling on your subject and minimize colour casting from any surrounding light. You’ll also be able to increase the capture resolution for more accurate post-production work. The ColorChecker Video XL works with popular filmmaking tools like waveform, vectorscope, zebras and more.

Speed up your process and Save hours in post

Including the ColorChecker Video XL target in your production will allow everyone on your team – from producer and cinematographer to editor and colourist – to work with consistent colour information. This saves time from pre-production through post and helps you get to your creative look faster.

Achieving the proper colour balance and exposure for video can be challenging. F-stops don’t always match. Ambient lighting conditions change. Multiple cameras and lenses have different looks, even if they are the same brand and model. When you are on a large set, larger venue, or capturing aerial shots, it can be even more challenging to capture small reference targets. This adds up to quality challenges and increased workload in post-production for your colourist or editor.

Using a ColorChecker Video XL target allows you to capture the target at a greater distance or wider angle to:

  • Set exposure
  • Check highlights, shadows and mid-tones
  • Establish accurate colour balance
  • Match multiple cameras
  • Edit for mixed lighting

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