Walter Chandoha: The Cat Photographer

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Within the genre of commercial animal photography, Walter Chandoha is a master. His photographs of cats in particular have appeared in the pages of National Geographic and Life magazine,as well as been absorbed into the public subconscious via posters, pet-food packaging,T-shirts, and other uses.

The Internet is awash with cat pictures, and Chandoha’s cat pictures might be seen as the forefather of them all. They bear examination not only for their singular charm, but also for having established a vocabulary of the animal studio portrait with Chandoha's signature look: clean, brightly coloured backdrops and high-key “glamour” backlighting of his tiny, fuzzy subjects.

This is a fun book for younger audiences, but also offers insight into the unique career of a successful commercial photographer who carved out his own niche within the field. Walter Chandoha is interviewed by David La Spina, who has been working with Chandoha and his family to bring his unique archive to public attention, primarily via the New York Times and NewYork Times Magazine. The interview will include photography tips and diagrams of Chandoha’s studio set-up, as well as how the photographer came to make a living with animal photography.

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