SmallRig Cold Shoe Adapter with Anti-Off Button

SKU: SR2260

Available In 7-14 Business Days


SmallRig Cold Shoe Mount Adapter with Anti-off Button 2260 is designed for converting two 1/4”-20 threaded holes to accept shoe mount devices such as flashes, lights, microphones, etc. The cold shoe mount is locked to the cage/handle/plate via two 1/4”-20 screws to prevent twisting. Additionally, the cold shoe adapter features stoppers in one end, and an anti-off button on the other to prevent accessories from sliding out and ensure your devices safe.

  • Accepts any standard shoe-mount devices such as lights, microphones, etc.
  • Connects via two 1/4"-20 screws to prevent twisting.
  • Features an anti-off button to prevent sliding.

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