Rosamund Cox: Unforgettable Portraits

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From the "Wildlife Photographer of the Year" Exhibition.

The newest collection from the world's best wildlife photography exhibition.

The juvenile Golden Snub-nosed monkey seen here is part of a band of about 70 or so such monkeys living high up in China's Qinling Mountains. The photograph is one of the winning or specially commended images in the Natural History Museum's Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition -- the most famous and prestigious event of its kind in the world. Winners are chosen by a panel of recognized professionals for originality, artistry and technical complexity. The annual competition is open to professional and amateur photographers alike. Many of the winning photos are collected here in this mesmerizing collection.

The portraits capture moments from all corners of the wildlife world. They require both photographic skill and a knowledge of the subject that comes from spending long periods in the field, usually under very difficult conditions. Each is accompanied by the story of how the picture came to be taken and its importance as a record of an unforgettable moment and an animal or behavior rarely seen. They have been taken by more than 50 award-winning photographers worldwide representing more than 20 countries.

These 70 images form part of an annual exhibition at the Natural History Museum, London, that tours worldwide. The book benefits from the widespread exposure at exhibitions and in international media coverage. It is a substantial crowd-pleaser that sells through every year. The charismatic monkey on the jacket helps, too.

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