Lens-Based Sculpture

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Lens-Based Sculpture is about the experimentalization of sculpture under the conditions of the new, brought about by the scientific photographic perception of the human body, the plastic mass and the moving space. Among other things, the method of moulage and the photo sculpture play a role, as the virtual sculptures in the early scientific photography. The exhibition focuses on sculptures since the 1960s and on the complexity of the positions in which "the photographic" has more and more characterized the sculptural work and in the direction of new experimental and social contexts extended as in works by Giuseppe Penone, Joan Jonas, Herman Pitz, Rebecca Horn, Bruce Nauman, Valie Export, Tony Cragg, Kiki Smith, George Segal, Roman Signer. The camera is increasingly becoming the tool of the sculptor, the photograph for notepad and documentation agent. The publication sheds new light on sculptural and photographic manifestations in art history: The most important historical points of intersection of the spatial and sculptural and photographic thinking like the early pioneering approaches of Marcel Duchamp and Étienne-Jules Marey be shown next to the current, less-known sculptural works that expand the photographic paradigm into three dimensions.

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