Ilford MGFB Classic 11x14" 1K Glossy - 50 Sheets

SKU: IL1172049

Available In 7-14 Business Days


Ilford Multigrade FB Classic is a traditional premium quality, variable contrast black and white paper on a 255g/m2 baryta coated fibre base. It has a white base tint, and a neutral image colour. Prints made on the paper have deep blacks, an excellent tonal rendition, and excellent overall print appearance.

It is a fast speed paper, and although primarily designed for dish or trough processing, it can also be machine processed in suitable systems. It has a fast processing induction time.

MGFB Classic glossy has good toning capabilities.

This paper is part of the Ilford Multigrade system and is fully compatible with Multigrade filters, and existing equipment. It is suitable for printing from conventional negatives and from XP2 SUPER negatives.

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