Godox AD1200 Pro Kit


Available In 7-14 Business Days


AD1200Pro 1200Ws TTL Power Pack is a powerful, robust and portable battery designed unit. Equipped with one outlet, AD1200Pro supports photographers to freely use outdoors and in the studio. It is powerful enough to overpower the sun allowing photographers to challenge more outdoor photography. This is an ideal unit that takes you to your amazing photography trip.

Fully Support TTL and HSS Embrace More Possibilities

Enjoying the same GODOX 2.4G wireless X system, it's compatible with 7 major camera brands with TTL autoflash system. Plus, with HSS, you can freeze motion, overpower the sun and the ambient light, exploring more photography possibilities

Precise Control and Stable Output

  • You can precisely control the power setting in 01 stop increment from 1/256 to full power, which offers you more spaces on creation. Easily setting and easier to well control the lighting
  • The equipment should never limit your creation. You can freeze the motion, instant movement and so on with fast recycling time (0.01-2 seconds) and short flash duration (up to 1/10860 seconds)
  • Enables you to deliver professional, nature, and pristine results in any application, saving your post-production time and money as the accurate color temperature over the whole power range under stable color temperature mode (assures ±75K)
  • Having two 3 5mm sync jacks to stop the interference and maintain the sync speed without delay. You also can connect with several packs if necessary, the same effect you can have

The Perfect Battery Configuration

  • WB1200H (36V/5200mAh) large battery capacity offers 500 flashes at 1/1 power, 1000 flashes at 1/2, 2000 flashes at 1/4, 4000 flashes at 1/8..., allowing you to work in large photography workload, meanwhile, release your working pressure by having this "monster"
  • A battery option WB1200 (36V/2600mAh) as carry-on baggage for traveling by Air.

Small Head, Big Versatility

  • The lightweight flash head with the Bowens mount allows you to attach hundreds of modifiers.
  • Steplessly dimmable 40Ws modeling light provides the clear preview of the light, and enables to take the short video.
  • Excellent cooling system.

Portable and Compact, Easy to Take

AD1200Pro is in a compact and portable design. Thanks to the excellent battery-powered system, AD1200Pro is a perfect combination of power and portability which is easy for you to take it everywhere.


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