CamRanger 2 Wireless Tether & Advanced Camera Controller

SKU: CR1030

Available In 7-14 Business Days


Wirelessly tether and control your camera from up to 500 ft away. The CamRanger 2 works with Canon, Fujifilm, Nikon, and Sony cameras and software and apps for iPad, iPhone, Android devices, or Mac or Windows computers.

Fast WiFi up to 500ft

  • The CamRanger 2 makes its own WiFi network
  • Dual band 2.4 GHz / 802.11n and 5 GHz / 802.11ac networks
  • Connection range up to 500 ft
  • About 5 times faster than the original CamRanger and the connection is more stable

Capture and View Images

  • Wirelessly capture images with the CamRanger 2 or trigger from the camera
  • Thumbnails automatically appear on the top of the screen after taking a picture
  • Tap a thumbnail to view the image or configure for images to automatically display
  • Images are always saved to the camera card and optionally can be saved to the device
  • Pinch zoom or double tap to view full resolution images up to 200% to check focus and details
  • Use a variety of overlays, including gridlines, histogram, EXIF, highlight and shadows, other images, and more

View & Adjust Settings

Remotely view and adjust camera settings*:

Shutter Speed, Aperture, ISO, Metering Mode, Drive/Shooting Mode, White Balance, Image Format, Focus Mode, Auto Exposure Mode, Exposure Compensation & Bracketing, Toggle AF/MF

* Available options can vary by camera

Live View & Touch Focus

  • Stream live view to check composition, focus, and exposure
  • Tap on an area of interest to focus on that spot
  • Double tap to zoom in to 100% or 200% zoom

Advanced HDR / Exposure Bracketing

  • Configure the CamRanger 2 to take a series of pictures automatically varying Shutter Speed, Aperture, or ISO – much more flexible than in-camera bracketing options.
  • Perform bulb HDR sequences
  • Images can then be post-processed with 3rd party software
Adjust Focus and Focus Stacking
  • Provides very precise focusing control with touch focusing or incremental focus adjustments
  • Great for situations requiring awkward camera placements
  • Perform automatic focus bracketing to enhance depth of field
  • Set pre-defined focus points
Intervalometer / Time Lapse
  • Configure as an intervalometer to take time lapse sequences
  • Supports bulb mode with typical start-stop control and by using custom defined shutter lengths
  • Combine HDR with time lapse
  • No need for your device to remain connected after starting

Compare & Rate Images

  • Rate images to quickly make selects during the shoot
  • View all rated images
  • Compare up to 4 images side by side and even edit images in the CamRanger 2 iOS app

Send to Multiple Devices

  • Send images to multiple tablets, phones, and computers
  • Also stream live view to multiple devices
  • Use the separate CamRanger Share app

Upload to Social Media, Dropbox, and FTP

  • Upload images to social media, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Copy images to an FTP server or Dropbox, either individually, or automatically

Video Recording

  • Start and stop movie recording
  • View video while recording
  • Focus adjustments and touch focusing
  • Download or stream videos with most cameras

SD Card Backup

  • SD Card slot on the CamRanger 2
  • Required for Sony and Fujifilm cameras
  • Optional for Canon and Nikon and can be used as an automatic backup for images or to organize selects


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