Embrace weirdness and imperfection with Lensbaby. Get creative with the uncommon qualities of Lensbaby photo and video lenses.

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OMNI Universal Expansion Pack

The Lensbaby Universal Expansion Pack with Reflections adds infinitely configurable effects to the robust selection of custom-designed special effects already available in the OMNI Filter system. Securely hold your favourite effect items in the perfect spot while freeing up your hands.

Soft Focus II

The Lensbaby Soft Focus II creates an impressionistic image with subtle sharp details beneath. Rendering a soft colour palette at brighter apertures and producing a remarkably flat field of focus. Available for Nikon, Canon EF, or Sony mounts. And, if you own any of the Lensbaby Optic Swap systems including Composer Pro II, the optic can be purchased on its own.  

Get the Velvet Effect with these top sellers

Velvety glow, tack-sharp details. Capture an ethereal edge-to-edge glow effect across any image. Get your glow on and elevate your imagery with depth, dimension, and soulful expression with the Velvet Effect. Available in 28mm, 56mm, and 85mm focal lengths.

3-in-1 Effect Lens – The Trio 28

Where convenience meets creativity. Designed specifically for mirrorless camera users, the Trio 28 features three selective focus optics in one compact lens design. Trio 28’s wide 28mm focal length uniquely captures the soul of street scenes, landscapes, environmental portraits, and more. Simply rotate a dial to choose your inspiration from 3 popular creative optical effects.

Twist   /   Velvet   /   Sweet

Put OMNI in front of your lens to create new magic!

The simple, elegant, and innovative alternative to creating effects through handheld crystals & objects. Add individuality and artistic flair to your work by shooting through crystals and other objects specifically engineered to create professional and compelling in-camera effects. Designed to work with your existing lenses, OMNI offers control and repeatability without having to change your gear.

Simply screw the Filter Ring onto your existing lens, using one of the Step Up/Down Rings to fit your lens’s filter thread size, if needed. Then, attach one or more Effect Wands to the Magnetic Mounts, with or without an arm. To adjust, slide around a metal track on the Filter Ring. Move, twist and rotate the Effect Wand to change the way the light affects your image.

All the Effect Wands have been designed and engineered by Lensbaby to deliver extraordinary and artistic in-camera effects right at your fingertips.

Start with the basics - Lensbaby Optic Swap Intro Collection

The Lensbaby Optic Swap Intro Collection is perfect for photographers who are curious about stepping into Lensbaby and would like to experience the two most popular Lensbaby creative effects in one Collection. The Optic Swap Intro Collection Includes a Composer Pro II with Sweet 50 and Edge 50 optics, Small Optic Swap System Case, and a heavyweight Lensbaby lens cloth.