Laowa takes a different approach to designing their high-quality optics, which has resulted in a series of truly unique lenses such as the Ultra-Macro 2:1 range and their immensely popular Zero-D lenses that provide nearly zero distortion even at extreme wide-angle focal lengths.


Laowa's Argus series features medium-wide lenses with ultra-fast f0.95 maximum apertures that provide exceptional low-light photography with extraordinary depth of field and creamy bokeh.


Laowa offers a broad range of both compact zooms and prime lenses with nearly zero distortion and large apertures. Both types of optics perfectly suited for shooting landscapes, astrophotography, and cityscapes.


Macro lenses such as the 60mm f2.8 2x Ultra-Macro put Laowa on the map. This selection includes lenses with features such as 2:1 macro, ultra-wide angle macro, and the unique probe lenses.


Never satisfied, Laowa's lens selection also covers the needs of videographers and cinematographers, incorporating features such as wide-angle Zero-D optics into robust lenses with the core features that professionals expect.

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