Unlock Your Video Potential With The Nikon MC-N10 Remote Grip

Nikon has surprised us with an exciting new accessory for videographers. The Nikon new MC-N10 Remote Grip gives users remote operation of a Nikon Z series mirrorless camera via a wired connection! Thoughtfully designed for small-footprint productions the MC-N10 gives a single operator the ability to adjust a wide variety of essential camera settings without directly engaging or disturbing the camera body. A small accessory with immense potential for video creatives!

The MC-N10 Remote Grip allows users to have complete control over many features, including start/stop recording, autofocus, ISO, exposure control, and AF speed, as well as access to Custom Functions and the entire camera menu system. Utilizing an ARRI-compatible rosette mount, it can attach to an abundance of accessories, allowing users to easily mount the device to tripods, handles, gimbals and sliders, as well as other modular mounts from major third-party manufacturers. Users can vary the speed of a rack focus mid-scene, zoom in to check focus, react to dramatic lighting changes on the fly, or effortlessly get a tighter focal length to DX mode without taking their hand off the controls.

When paired with the Nikon Z 9, the Fn1 and Fn2 buttons can be assigned to use the new High-Res Zoom capability to achieve a smooth zoom transition regardless of the lens used, with no loss of resolution. The MC-N10 was built with a compact, lightweight and durable design, with thoughtful attention to ergonomics and maximizing mobility. The familiar shape of the MC-N10 grip and button layout are based on those of the Nikon Z series, enabling smooth and intuitive operation, especially when switching between controls on the camera body and the MC-N10.

MC-N10 Primary Features:

  • ARRI rosette compatibility allows attachment to a variety of industry-standard video accessories using a compatible rosette adapter. The unit can be adjusted to a comfortable position and angle as needed to facilitate any camera movement.
  • Various functions can be assigned to buttons and dials on the MC-N10, allowing for an operation that matches the user’s style and preferences while providing a familiar feel.
  • Click-less command dials provide ultra-smooth operation for soft transitions and reduced dial sounds.
  • USB-C connection enables quick, easy and stable connection to the camera with no radio interference or additional steps for pairing.
  • Readily available AA batteries2 offer extended recording for up to 12 hours.
  • Designed with dust- and drip-resistance3 performance, similar to that of the Nikon Z 9, as well as cold tolerance down to −10°C (14°F).

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