Two New Fujifilm Fujinon Lenses

Fujifilm has excitedly announced not one but two new lenses! For those looking to shoot great lengths, there is the new FUJINON XF150-600mm F5.6-8 R LM OIS WR lens! Then, for those looking for ultimate mobility, there is the FUJINON XF18-120mm F4 R LM PZ WR lens! The XF150-600mm connects the photographer to the subject in a way never before achieved, making it the perfect option for far-reaching subjects including wildlife, nature, and landscape photography. The XF18-120mm brings video-centric features to a compact, weather-resistant lens that is ideal for smaller, independent crews and moviemaking enthusiasts. Both lenses bring extraordinary and unique features that’ll have you wanting to expand your lens collection!

FUJINON XF150-600mm F5.6-8 R LM OIS WR

With outstanding coverage over a remarkable distance, the XF150-600mm F5.6-8 R LM OIS WR provides an impressive 229-914mm full-frame equivalent focal range. This opens limitless possibilities for nature and wildlife photographers to make the most remote parts of our world feel like they’re a single image away. Throughout the entire scope of focal lengths, this lens remains the same physical length, so it’s always perfectly balanced in use. Compatible with FUJINON XF1.4X TC WR and XF2X TC WR teleconverters, the XF150-600mm can be transformed into a lens that, at its longest, offers an equivalent focal length of 1828mm.

The XF150-600mm has a powerful Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) that offers five stops of image stabilization. This inspires confidence in situations where camera shake could negatively affect images made at slower shutter speeds, or longer focal lengths. Users will also miss fewer moments and can rely more on instinct, and create more spontaneously at shutter speeds as low as 1/30 sec, even when using longer focal lengths.

Being a nature and wildlife lens, fast, reliable autofocus is a core component of the XF150-600mm, resulting in beautiful stills and video. Its linear, motor-driven inner focusing AF system renders pin-sharp precision, almost silently and in an instant, while minimal breathing gives filmmakers an incredible option to bring them closer to their story.

The XF150-600mm can seamlessly adapt to any situation with intuitive, on-lens functionality. The AF-ON and AF-L controls can be accessed with ease, plus a dedicated focus range selector allows creatives to work more effectively within specific distances. Combined, these features provide control and responsiveness when it’s needed most.

Even with the unpredictability of the outdoors, the XF150-600mm is ready for it. The weather-resistant construction protects it against moisture, dust, and temperatures as low as -10°C (14°F) to maximize creative freedom. It also features a fluorine-coated front element designed to repel water, grease, and dirt, but more importantly, which makes it easy to clean so it will soon be ready for the next adventure!

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Designed by the engineers and experts who create Fujifilm’s FUJINON Broadcast and Cinema Lenses, the XF18-120mm F4 R LM PZ WR focuses on the video-centric features that cinematographers want. Its versatile, 35mm equivalent focal range of 27-183mm and 60cm (23.6in) close focusing distance make it ideally suited to a wide range of applications from documentary to narrative projects. The XF18-120mm features a variable power zoom, smooth manual focus, and stepless aperture adjustments to ensure a seamless recording experience. Its internal zooming mechanism also makes it the perfect choice for gimbal stabilization devices as the lens’ physical length and center of gravity does not shift when changing focal lengths. Two custom function buttons allow for the ability to preset a constant zoom speed, focal length, or focus point. Stepless aperture adjustments highlight the engineering subtleties of XF18-120mm that provide any storyteller with absolute control over every part of their image.

The XF18-120mm offers seamless switching between continuous autofocus and manual focus during recording, giving moviemakers full control over the creative process. This advanced functionality maximizes versatility for focus transitions, allowing the user to step in and take control whenever required.

Thanks to the XF18-120mm’s compact dimensions and internal zooming mechanism, the lens is perfectly balanced when using a gimbal because its physical length does not change when the zoom setting is changed. This results in a variety of creative options while having only one lens fixed to the camera.

With a zoom range equivalent to 27-183mm, a close focusing distance of 60cm (23.6in) throughout, and near-silent zoom and focusing controls, the XF18-120mm is excellent for a broad range of motion production applications. These extend even further with the lens’ minimal focus breathing, stepless aperture control, and constant F4 aperture.

Be ready for any creative moments, regardless of the weather, with the XF18-120mm’s weather-resistant design and fluorine-coated front and rear elements. These elements are designed to repel dust and moisture from the lens surfaces, making them easy to clean. Users can also confidently film in wet or dusty conditions and in temperatures as low as -10°C (14°F), so all they have to concentrate on is creating a new masterpiece!

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