Todd Korol Grasslands Landscape Photography

Professional photographer, Todd Korol, has taken his gear on the road, and this time he went to the beautiful Grasslands National Park in Saskatchewan. Exploring the stunning landscape with his 4×5 large format film camera and Hasselblad X1D II 50C, Todd’s latest YouTube video, he takes us along his journey, capturing the incredible wildlife and landscape.

In this video, Todd walks us through how he adjusts his 4×5 large format film camera and X1D II 50C for the various locations and lighting in the Grasslands National Park. Todd stops along the way to pause, and reflect, on the peaceful, captivating landscape and tell us stories of the land, the animals and the history. This impressive video will inspire you and put Grasslands National Park on your list of places to visit and photograph.

Watch Todd’s full video below!

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