Next Gen GoPro Hero 12 Black - New Convenient Features

Let’s take a look at the new GoPro Hero 12! This new mountable action camera offers improved and convenient features, including easy vertical video recording, a 1/4-20 standardized tripod thread mount, Bluetooth audio support, and longer record times with less overheating. With the Hero 12, you can record your adventures easily.

Video Features

The Hero 12 maintains the impressive 5.3K 60 FPS video quality from the Hero 11 and boasts equally exceptional slow-motion abilities, including the highly popular 2.7K 240 FPS mode. With its nearly square 8:7 ratio sensor, the camera enables open-gate recording, allowing for flexible composition choices, whether horizontal or vertical.This user-friendly feature enables you to concentrate on your creativity while keeping an eye on the action. It also introduces their own Log format called GP-Log which allows you to maximize the dynamic range this sensor is capable of. Battery performance and heat management have also been improved for longer record times. 

New Bluetooth Audio Support 

The Hero 12 now offers Bluetooth audio support, which users have been asking for. This advanced feature provides a contemporary way to connect earbuds and microphones, thereby replacing wired connections. While the traditional method of plugging in a mic is still available, the new wireless option enables audio playback through earbuds, delivering a substantial edge over the older models. 

Finally - No Mounting Adapters Required

The GoPro Hero 12 still has the familiar mounting wings. It also now has a standardized 1/4-20 tripod thread mount, eliminating the need for adapters when mounting on screw-mount accessories. this is a basic, but helpful little upgrade. 

Is it worth the upgrade?

For those who have not yet purchased the GoPro Hero 11, the GoPro Hero 12 offers new features specifically tailored to streamline the filming process. While there may not be a significant improvement in video quality, the added upgrades make it easier and more efficient to create killer videos! 

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