The New Canon RF 100-300mm F2.8 Super Telephoto

Canon just announced the release of a new monster, the Canon RF 100-300mm F2.8 IS USM Super Telephoto Lens. It features an impressive maximum focal length of 300mm, making it perfect for capturing distant subjects. With an aperture of F2.8, this lens is also ideal for capturing fast-moving action in low light to freeze and isolate subjects.

Canon EF Prime Sample By Evelyn Drake to Illustrate Freezing Action

The Canon RF 100-300mm F2.8 Super Telephoto Lens is an excellent focal range for photojournalism, indoor sports, and fashion photography. With three modes of stabilization, 5.5 stops or up to 6 stops with a stabilized Canon body, images will be crystal clear. This lens can capture sharp detail and contrast with elements designed to give you the best possible still photographs or video imagery.

Like many new professional RF lenses, it features three control rings, including the 100-300 smooth zoom ring, a focus ring behind the zoom ring, and a control ring. Four additional function buttons can be customized according to your needs. The varied positioning of the buttons around the barrel of the lens allows for different camera orientations. With its impressive features and versatile design, the Canon RF 100-300mm F2.8 Super Telephoto Lens will surely become a popular professional lens. We can’t wait to get our hands on one: hint, hint Canon Canada. 😉

Canon RF 100-300mm f2.8L IS USM

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