The Highly Anticipated Fujifilm X100VI

The rumours are true, and the wait is over! If you haven't heard, Fujifilm has announced the new Fujifilm X100VI! With the viral sensation that was the previous Fujifilm X100V, people excitedly awaited the latest version. Now, boasting the beloved features of the previous model, plus excellent refinements, TCSTV's Dave and Evelyn took to Calgary's streets to test out this highly anticipated camera! 

With Chinook Blast and Exposure Photography Festival, two fantastic festivals happening in Calgary, it made for the perfect opportunity for Dave and Evelyn to get their hands on the new Fujifilm X100VI and see if it fills the shoes of its predecessor. 

Right off the bat, both Dave and Evelyn loved the compact form factor of the Fujifilm X100VI, making it the perfect walking-around camera as you can easily fit it in a pocket. This retro-inspired body features wonderfully tactile dials that allow you to adjust your shutter speed and your ISO. 

Boasting the same 23mm (35mm equivalent) lens as the X100V on a crop sensor with two ED elements, the X100VI gave Dave and Evelyn super sharp images edge to edge. The lens also has an aperture ring on it, though this is a weak spot when it comes to weather-sealing. Luckily you can buy a UV filter, which will help seal it better. 

Paired with this lens is a 40-megapixel sensor with now six stops of image stabilization. This really impressed Dave and Evelyn as it makes the camera that much more flexible when it comes to shutter drag. The extra resolution also gives more cropping power. Overall, Dave and Evelyn were thoroughly impressed. 

The X100VI has such a seamlessly integrated articulating screen you forget it's there, but is perfect for low or high-angle shots. A unique feature of the X100VI is that it has a hybrid viewfinder, so you can flip back and forth between an optical viewfinder or a digital viewfinder or have a digital inlay to see what your exposure is. 

Of course, we can't forget about one of Fujifilm's most loved features, which is their film simulations. The X100VI has more film simulations than before, and you can also edit your photos in-camera as well as tone the monotone to your liking, giving you a lot of customization.  

Although the x100V was not known for video, and Dave and Evelyn both agree the X100VI is primarily a photo camera, the X100VI does have some new video features that take it up a notch. As mentioned before, it has six stops of image stabilization, plus it also now has a 2.5mm stereo minijack and a USBC port, which, with an adaptor, can be used for headphones. The X100VI can shoot 4K in 60p, 6K in 30p plus 4:2:2 10 bit, allowing content creators to create higher-quality videos. 

But, of course, you have to see it to believe it! Check out TCSTV's Fujifilm X100VI review below, and let us know your thoughts on this highly anticipated camera! 

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