TCSTV's How to Choose the Best Camera Strap

Camera straps are a must-have for candid photographers and photographers on the go. But which one is the best? Well, Dave from TCSTV took out a bunch of straps to give you his honest opinion on his top choices and ones that might be worth passing on. Now you can easily pick which is the best for you!

To test out all these different camera straps, Dave headed to Calgary’s biggest event of the year, the Calgary Stampede. An excellent place for fast photography opportunities and to see how easy and safe a camera strap would be.

Over-The-Neck Camera Strap

The first option Dave tested was the classic, over-the-neck style camera strap. Most cameras come with this style of strap, with the only Pro Dave has for this style is that you can see your camera right in front of you. It makes it super easy to adjust your dials and anything else you may need to tweak on the go. However, it’s not deisgned to carry weight, so you have to be particular with that system you use, so you don’t risk the strap breaking. It also is not the most comfortable, and after a long day of shooting, your neck is going to seriously hurt.

Across-Body Camera Strap

By far, this is Dave’s favourite strap style, and you can tell in previous TCSTV episodes that he usually carries his camera with an across-body camera strap.

Specifically looking at the Black Rapid Cross Shot Breathe, this strap is designed to hang on the side of your body, so you don’t have to worry about holding your camera or adjusting your shoulders when working with it. It also has a mechanism that slides up and down the strap, making it super easy to move the camera into position when you want to snap a pic. It also attaches to the bottom of the camera versus the sides, making it even easier when handling your camera. However, you are also giving up that bottom port, which might not be the right fit for everyone.

The other across-body camera strap Dave loves is the Peak Design Slide Camera Strap. A little different design than the Black Rapid, this strap is made of a seatbelt-like material and is attached to the camera by each end using super strong anchor links (rated up to 200 pounds each!). This combination allows the entire strap to easily slide across your body while still providing ultimate support to your camera. The anchors can also be attached at different points on your camera, so you can customize them to fit your workflow.

Backpack Camera Strap vs. Backpack Camera Clip

Similar to the Black Rapid across-body strap, Black Rapid also makes a Backpack Sling Strap which works almost identical to the across-body, only it attaches to your backpack. This is an excellent option for those who enjoy the sliding mechanism of the Black Rapid across-body but need the adaptability for their backpack.

The other option, which Dave prefers when it comes to using it with his backpack, is the Peak Design Capture Camera Clip. The camera clip is a super easy and secure way to carry your camera on your backpack. Simply press the button on the side to pop your camera off and slide it back on. It also has an arca-swiss plate, so it’s a no-brainer if you are also using a compatible tripod. The only thing to mention is that it’s not the best for carrying a heavier setup.

Body Harness System

Finally, for those with a heavier setup or who don’t like the lopsided feeling of the clip, there is the Cotton Carrier Camera Harness System. Simple to use, you just mount the mounting plate to the bottom of your camera or lens and clip it in! Since it is attached to the middle of your chest, it evenly distributes the weight of your camera-lens combination while still wearing a backpack. The only downfall is that it blocks your vision a bit, and depending on your activity, you may need to be careful not to damage your gear.

At the end of the day, it really comes down to your personal preference and what works best for your workflow! If you saw a strap that piqued your interest, shop our TCSTV Camera Strap Collection here!

Still not totally sure? It always helps to see these products in action, so check out our TCSTV’s How to Choose the Best Camera Strap video below!

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