TCSTV Sony ZV-E1 Review

In TCSTV’s latest episode, Dave and Evelyn took a closer look at the new Sony ZV-E1, Sony’s latest full-frame mirrorless camera dedicated to content creation and vlogging! Jam-packed with so many features, including AI, the ZV-E1 begs the question, can it replace our TCSTV videographer, Drew? Let’s find out!

Starting with the build quality, the Sony ZV-E1 is similar to the ZV-E10 and the A7C but without the viewfinder. Dave found the tactility of the dials to be quite premium and was very happy to see the articulating screen for vlogging. However, Dave was disappointed that it doesn’t have an electronic viewfinder and that he had to fully rely on the rear screen, which can be tricky when sunny. The rear screen is just over a million dots of resolution and is a touch screen, so you can thoroughly navigate the menu. On the side, Dave was a little surprised that it only has a single SD slot given that this is more of a premium camera, however, users could use the HDMI to an Atomos recorder to have some redundancy.

Continuing on the side of ZV-E1 is a headphone jack, a microphone jack and USBC connectivity, which can be used to power the camera or turn the ZV-E1 into a webcam. There is also a rocker switch around the shutter button so users can control any power zoom lenses with it instead of holding onto the lens. Another fun feature is the background defocus button, which is very cool if you don’t quite understand how aperture works and want a shallow depth of field. Simply press the button, and the camera will do everything it can with its power and light to create that shallow depth of field for you.

One of Dave’s favourite parts of this camera is its Z series battery. Found in most of Sony’s high-end cameras, this battery gave Dave a little over 700 shots per charge, an impressive feat and very important for video, which uses more battery than photography. Weighing in at only 483 grams, the design of this camera was well thought out, but how does it perform?

The feature both Dave and Evelyn were most excited about was the auto framing. This feature uses a lot of machine learning and advanced technology to create almost an AI-like ability for the camera to make decisions and follow the person in the frame without anyone manning it. The Sony ZV-E1 also has AI features that allow the camera to create camera movement, the ability to choose the colour and/or style of your footage allowing the camera adjusts the white balance or exposure for you, face recognition which adjusts the depth of field if another person comes into frame, cine v-log to give the footage a cinematic effect, the ability to change and customize colour tones so you know what the grade is going to look like right out of the camera, and more.

Overall, the Sony ZV-E1 really impressed Dave and Evelyn and although they’ve decided to keep our TCSTV videographer Drew, it is an excellent option for solo videographers and vloggers who want to be both in front and behind the camera! But of course, you have to see it to believe it, so check out our TCSTV Sony ZV-E1 Review below!

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