TCSTV Canon EOS R10 & R7 Hands-On Review

It’s safe to say there is a lot of excitement and interest in Canon’s new APS-C EOS R Cameras, the EOS R7 and EOS R10. To help you get an idea of how these cameras perform in real-world situations, TCSTV’s Dave and Evelyn got their hands on pre-production models to test these cameras out! They also collaborated with Chris Niccolls from DPReview TV along with Dan and Sally Watson, who all gave their initial impressions on Canon’s first APS-C EOS R Series cameras!

Canon EOS R7

As a little refresher, the Canon EOS R 7 is the more advanced of the two cameras. With a crop sensor capable of fast shooting with 32.5 megapixels, seven stops of image stabilization, dual card slots and the ability to record in 4k 60p. These features make it an excellent option for enthusiasts, wildlife and sports photographers, photojournalists and even professionals as a second body.

When testing it out, Evelyn found the camera quite similar to the EOS R6 with its small and light body. Evelyn also really liked the feeling of the R7 in her hand as it had a familiar deep grip. It also has a rugged alloy body with weather sealing.

A few things Evelyn noticed to be not as high-end were the back buttons and the overall feeling of the back panel. She also found the EVF was a little lacking at 2.36 million dots and would have preferred a bit better quality.

The overall design of the camera is perfect for sports, action and wildlife photographers. The R7 can shoot 15 fps mechanically which impressed both Evelyn and Dave, and when shooting electronic you can shoot a fast 30 fps with no noticeable rolling shutter. It also had a great, fully articulating screen along with an excellent battery.

Canon EOS R10

The Canon EOS R10 is the less advanced of the two cameras but right off the bat, Dave loved how lightweight the camera left. The grip felt sturdy and quite fantastic in hand, and Dave found the control dials on the front and back to be well-positioned and tactile for adjustments.

Similar to the R7, the R10 has an articulating screen and 2.36 million dots of resolution for the viewfinder. However, there were a few things that it was missing compared to the R7. Unlike the R7, the R10 has a single card slot, which isn’t the worst for an entry-level camera. It is missing a headphone jack though, which could be a make or break for content creators. It also has a smaller battery. On the flip side, the R10 has a pop-up flash, unlike the R7.

When testing out the R10, Dave was surprised at how much he liked it! It is a great step up from DSLRs such as the Canon Rebel. The AF is surprisingly impressive for an entry-level camera, and its speed holds up to the R7 as it can also shoot 15 fps mechanical. When shooting electronic, it is still rather fast however, rolling shutter does become a bit of an issue.

Now, because Dave and Evelyn got such early production models, they weren’t allowed to show off any of their photos or videos. So they got in contact with some friends who were able to attend the launch trip!

Chris Niccolls – DPReview TV

Chris found both the R7 and the R10 had similar characteristics to previous Canon cameras. The R7 definitely has the megapixel advantage compared to the R10, and Chris was overall impressed with the R7’s performance. As well, Chris found the R10 to be a perfect combination, calling it a “mirrorless Rebel” in terms of its size, shape and overall target audience, giving it a well-deserved spot in the Canon family.

Dan and Sally Watson – Dan Watson YouTube Channel

Dan and Sally Watson tested out the R7 and compared it against the Canon EOS 90D. They both found some big improvements from the 90D in terms of the electronic shutter, which can shoot 30 fps with the electronic shutter.

They also found the autofocus was better than that of the 90D! The AF was quite similar to the R3 with excellent eye and body tracking, and eye-tracking for animals. Sally was rather impressed at how powerful the AF system was, especially in a camera at this price point, since it is very much a high-end feature.

Both Dan and Sally were happy with how lightweight and easy the R7 was to carry around, how dust and moisture resistant it was, and the fact it had dual card slots, which is super ideal for wedding and event photography.

The R7 was quite good in low light and when it came to video, was quite impressive. With unlimited recording, no overheating issues and a high frame rate of 4k 60p, it is rivalling the R6!

Want to hear all the thoughts on the new Canon EOS R7 and EOS R10? Check out Dave and Evelyn’s TCSTV Hands-on Impressions Review below!

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