TCS 25th Anniversary Virtual KEH Gear Buying Event

This KEH Event has ended. Please visit our Events Page for any current KEH Events.


To celebrate our 25 year anniversary, we want to help you get rid of your old camera gear and upgrade to something amazing and new at our TCS 25th Anniversary KEH Gear Buying Event! Sell your old camera gear, any brand, to KEH and get a 10% bonus to anything at The Camera Store! Yes, you read that right! You can put your credit towards any new gear you want, regardless of the brand! We also have two other Bonuses, a Fujifilm 15% Bonus and a Pentax K-3 III Bonus, for you to take advantage of!

From September 20th to 25th, 2021, the KEH buyers will be available to assess your gear and give you an instant estimate! The process is super easy too! Just book with a KEH Buyer, get your gear ready for assessment then show your KEH Buyer all your awesome gear! Then take advantage of special KEH bonuses!

To make the most of your appointment, KEH recommends you preferably organize by brand, focal length and loaded with batteries so they can quickly and thoroughly assess the condition of your gear! They also recommend a flashlight (phone flashlights work perfectly) to help them see the condition of your gear.

Curious about what special offers are available?

  • Get a 10% TCS Bonus on your trade-in amount towards any camera brand or gear!
  • Get an additional 15% Fujifilm Bonus on top of your trade-in credit amount if purchase Fujifilm cameras or lenses (up to $350 per customer during the promo period) using your credit.
  • Get a $100 bonus credit towards Pentax K-3 III when your KEH credit is used towards a body or kit.

As always, KEH can also provide cash for your trade-in gear via a cheque. However, the cash option does not offer additional bonuses.

It’s easy to schedule an appointment:

  1. Click on the link below
  2. Select an available date and time
  3. Fill out the contact form
  4. Your KEH Buyer will contact you on the date and time of your appointment

Click here to get started!

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