Sony's New 4K Super 35 Compact Cinema Camera

Sony has announced the newest addition to their prestigious Cinema Line, a 4K Super 35 compact cinema camera. Say hello to the new Sony FX30! Offering many Cinema Line professional features, including Dual Base ISO, Log shooting modes, and user-imported Look-Up Tables, all while at a reasonable price point, the FX30 is an incredible option for aspiring filmmakers!

Offering cinematic expression to the next generation of filmmakers, the FX30 features a new back-illuminated 20.1 megapixels APS-C Exmor R™ CMOS sensor (Super 35 format) with a dual base ISO (800/2500) to deliver high sensitivity, low noise, and 14+ stops of latitude. Shooting varieties, including 4K at 120fps and full HD at 240fps, along with 4K Super 35 (16:9) by oversampling from 6K at up to 60fps, are all possible. Both 16:9 recording modes can shoot at 10-bit 4:2:2 while the HDMI Type-A port outputs 4K, 16-bit RAW3 for an external recorder.

Working off the current Cinema Line, the FX30 features Log shooting modes by enabling Cine El, Cine El Quick, and Flexible ISO modes for recording with the S-Log gamma curve, which allows more flexibility when colour grading. All three modes allow video shooting while monitoring with an appropriate LUT to preview the final image.

When it comes to autofocus, the FX30 features Sony’s fast and reliable technology, with settings including:

  • Real-time Eye AF (human, animal or bird5)
  • Real-time Tracking
  • Detailed AF settings
  • AF Assist

Filmmaking creatives will also appreciate the extra control when using the Focus Map. The Focus Map makes it easy to visualize depth of field, and Breathing Compensation, to offer a stable angle of view when focusing. There is also Active Mode, which offers effective stabilization for run and gun shoots by using the optical in-body 5-axis image stabilization.

The FX30 incorporates other features that retain the spirit of the Cinema Line, including:

  • New customizable list-style main menu screen for quick access to frequently used items ​
  • New standby movie screen that provides an unobstructed view of the subject
  • Buttons and dials dedicated to movie shooting

As for the body of the FX30, it features an innovative heat dissipation structure for uninterrupted 4K/60p recording, reliable power for extended recording, and a durable magnesium alloy chassis. Compact, lightweight with a flat-top design and threaded accessory attachment points, making it easy to use for shooting handheld, capturing low-angle shots, mounting on a gimbal, or adding accessories. There is also an FX30 with an XLR handle unit, which can capture low-angle shots and allows filmmakers to capture crystal clear audio through various audio inputs, including two XLR audio inputs and a 3.5 mm stereo mini jack for 4-channel recording. It also features an internal stereo microphone for audio recording, and an external microphone can be connected directly to the camera via the Multi Interface Shoe or microphone jack.

Equipped with two memory card slots that are compatible with both CFexpress Type A cards and SDXC/SDHC cards, the FX30 brings a wide range of shooting experiences to filmmakers. A comprehensive selection of E-mount lenses, high-performance microphones, and other essential components makes the FX30 extraordinarily adjustable for a broad range of creative needs.

For more information on the Sony FX30 and to preorder, click here!

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